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Top 6 SEO Do’s And Don’ts of An Ecommerce Product Page

One of the most important pages on an ecommerce website is its product page. It is one of the most viewed pages by the user. That is why it is always recommended to pay much attention to this page of your ecommerce website. If any of the elements is not working properly on this page, it will result in a bad user experience making the user switch to other better options.

The optimization of the product page plays a key role in improving the sales for a business if it is done right. The sales of an optimized ecommerce store will be higher as compared to an ecommerce store with no optimization. If you fail to improve your sales even after the optimization, it means it is not done the right way or how it should have been done.

Dig deeper into this article to enlighten yourself with the Do’s and Don’t of optimizing an ecommerce website.

Top 3 DO’s of an Ecommerce Product Page

Doing one thing wrong in your ecommerce site could highly affect the traffic on your site and the number of sales. That is why, while optimizing your ecommerce sites, do not neglect the product pages and perform the optimization correctly.

Below is the list of things that are a must to perform to optimize a product page.

1) Optimized titles and meta description

The title tag and the meta description of a product page influence the traffic to your website; Make sure your titles and meta description are meaningful and understandable to the user. Your user will visit your page if they find the information relevant to their search. For creating relevancy, your titles and the meta description must include your brand name, product model, and the type and other information related to the product.

2) Improve page loading speed

Fast loading pages are always likely to display your website content before the user without any delay. You must make sure that your product page is not taking more than 2.5 seconds to load on the screen for the user. Make sure to optimize your pages so that they do not delay in displaying content for the users. Most website owners consult the ecommerce solution Dubai located agencies to optimize their websites so that they are free of loading time issues for improved user experience.

3) High-quality images and videos

When we talk about the product page, we are talking about a number of images and video content. Without having any images and videos on your product page, users will not be able to know or trust your product. That is why it is important to provide clickable images and playable videos on your product page. But these pages need to be optimized because if you do not optimize them, they will increase the loading time of the page.

Top 3 Don’ts of an Ecommerce Product Page

Implementing SEO techniques to your website surely increases your site traffic and boosts sales, but things are not that easy. Implementing the SEO technique the right way will help you increase your web traffic else you are making no difference to your website with the wrong techniques.

Following is the list of things you should avoid for an ecommerce product page.

1) Don’t remove out of stock pages

If any of your products are out of stock, then it means that that page will be one of the most visited pages by the users. And this page was visited too many times because it has higher rankings. That is why regardless of you have stock available or not; you must not remove your pages. Keep the URLs live for such pages so that the user may look at the other available products on your website.

2) Don’t remove seasonal products pages

If you have a seasonal product page with higher rankings, then you must not bring down or remove that page. It is because you have to start all over again and make all the efforts every year to bring the same traffic you had previously. It is better to keep these pages on your websites even if they do not serve any purpose most of the year. Such pages may result in higher traffic to the other products on your website.

3) Don’t optimize for low volume keywords

When developing your keyword strategy for your product page, do not forget the customers or users you want to target. It is not necessary to rank for keywords that have no search volume. Do your homework and identify the keywords that have higher search volumes, and optimize accordingly. You can acquire the professional services of an expert SEO company to develop and implement a keyword strategy that will increase traffic to your ecommerce site, increasing your sales.

Follow the tips for higher sales!

If you want your ecommerce website to grow in the number of users and sales, you must pay attention to optimization techniques. More importantly, optimizing your products page requires great attention, and it will be one of the sources to drive traffic to your site. So make sure you are implementing the right SEO technique or taking the help of professionals to do the job for you.

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