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Top 6 Startups in Dubai That are Making Life Easier for People

A startup is generally known as a fresh business that has not matured into a full-time and independent money-making entity. The reason it differs than a business is that a startup is not solely initiated for making profits. The core purpose of such a venture is to tailor a viable solution to a problem or fulfill a need in the marketplace.

Dubai is a land of opportunities that is attracting professionals and business enthusiasts to live and have a share of their success. The bunch of people migrating to Dubai and other states in the UAE is creating further opportunities for brilliant minds to evaluate common problems and answer them with a startup idea.

In this post, I am sharing some of the inventive and ingenious startups that come into being with a single idea. There may not a formal process of brainstorming for ideas as most of them stuck the mind of a potential entrepreneur and he or she thinks to shape into a useful business.

List of Best Startups of UAE

Each startup has a story to tell. Let’s find how some of the top startups were formed and how they are making life easier for the common people in Dubai.

1. Careem

Careem was founded by Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdullah Elyas with the vision to provide an on-demand car service in the Middle East. Being a UAE-based startup and a strong opponent to Uber, Careem has successfully extended its operations to 14 countries in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

Like any other startup, the initial stages were not as feasible for the company as it might seem. The co-founders managed around $100,000 and moved on to acquire funding from investors. It took them three rounds to attract an investment of $71.7million. In the last round, the team was successful in acquiring another investment of $60million

Careem is making it easier for a common man to ask for a car ride whenever they need. It is facilitating them to get rid of the time consuming public transport and have the luxury of a private car at a nominal fare that is calculated according to the distance traveled.

2. PitStopArabia

Aadil Ishfaq, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundation of PitStopArabia after evaluating the difficulty of finding branded tires that meet the needs of sports, SUVs, and passenger vehicles in the city. The startup brings a massive variety of rubber products that are manufactured by world-renowned tire brands at affordable prices.

They are making most of the car tires brands available in Dubai and the UAE by close affiliations with the manufacturing concerns. This saves them a lot in terms of paying commissions to the intermediary. The favor of which is transferred to the consumer in terms of affordable pricing.

PitStopArabia is easing the lives of common men by allowing them doorstep delivery and tire mounting with a mobile workshop. Customers are free to order the consignment at the nearest workshop to be served at ease.

3. Mumzworld

MumzWorld is an amazing startup that is powered by a determined lady Mona Ataya. She has served Johnson and Johnson as Brand Manager. So, she has an industry rich experience in kid’s skin care products and lots of other retail items.

It has become one of the leading online stores for making available quality products for kids. The variety of product offering from globally acclaimed brands makes it the first choice of its buyers. With a massive catalog of more than 120,000 items, the store aims to serve the region with most of the things that are usually difficult to find in best quality. The store is the talk of the town because of its customer-centric return policy.

4. Compareitforme

Understanding financial products are difficult when you have to select a plan from a variety of options. The website facilitates common users to find the best rates for different financial products like loans, credit cards, insurance, and mortgages.

The users can browse financial products that are offered by different banking companies to buy the one that seems to be more affordable and appealing. The UAE is populated by outsiders that are why they often find it difficult to get recommendations from friends or family members. With CompareItForMe, they can quickly seek an unbiased comparison of loans and insurances according to their monthly income.

5. Reserve out

Reserve out is yet another fascinating application that is removing the hassle of finding and booking restaurants online in the UAE. The idea hit of coining a solution in the shape of ReserveOut hit Khalid Shadid when he found it difficult to make reservations for a dinner in Amman. The lack of such a service helped him turn into a startup opportunity. And, he did it brilliantly.

This startup proves to be a helping hand for tourists, travelers, and locals to explore and reserve a seat in attractive restaurants with fascinating dining facility in about 7 cities that primarily include Doha, Jeddah, and Beirut.

6. Holiday Me

Dubai and most of the states of UAE are among the favorite travel destinations for explorers around the globe. But, the settlers of UAE have a craving to unleash the beauty of other countries as well. There was a gap of a service that deals in outbound tourism. Digvijay Pratap and Geet Bhalla find the scarcity and filled the space with a startup that is named as HolidayMe.

The co-founders had the expertise in technology and software development, and an extensive understanding of the UAE’s travel industry. This helped them devise a better solution in the form of HolidayMe that is serving the residents with customized traveling services.


Any startup that is initiated with the spirit of addressing a problem goes beyond the conventional barriers of success. Because the founders are charged with a willingness and determination until the problem is not sought to the core. The above-discussed startups are exemplary examples of how those energetic entrepreneurs have believed in their idea and created ease for the common users with their vision.

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