Top 6 Things to Make the Air Conditioner Hunt a Little Easy


As the citizens of a tropical country like India, people cannot stress enough the fact that Air conditioners are one of the most crucial appliances.  Hence the demand for air conditioners across the country is massive. There are several brands available in the market that you can rely on. And with the blessings of the internet today, “AC Service near me” made the job much easier, just one click away. But there are a few things to keep in mind before and after purchasing because no matter how promising one brand is, it always should be the one worth spending your money on.

Important Factors To Consider About Air Conditioner

  1. Types

There are variant sizes available in different brands to meet your requirements, but a little research always goes a long way. For example, you can consider installing a Window AC if your room has a window. Although window ACs take a little more time and space to fit indeed this is an option you can go for. On the other hand, there are Split ACs that are highly demanding among the citizens. The reason for this AC being everyone’s favourite is that it requires minimum space to install and it gives a subtle look on the wall. Also, some companies are providing advanced features in the split ACs so that you can explore a high lavishness.

  1. Decide the Tonnage

A ton or Tonnage is measured as the cooling capacity of an air conditioner, hence it is important to determine what tonnage to look for before purchasing. Like if you are buying an AC with less tonnage and for a big room, it will increase your monthly electric consumption and also that is not a very healthy usage of the AC itself. So you may face a few difficulties in the long run. But if you are looking to buy a 3-4star AC for a small room, 1-ton capacity will work just fine.

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  1. Size

Keeping in mind what are the requirements you have, the size of an air conditioner is one of the basic things to consider. If you are an individual and your rooms are on the smaller side, you may consider getting an AC easier to install and require less space. In addition to that, it looks good on the wall too.  If you are a big household owner you can go for both Window and Split Ac.  Moreover other factors like the number of people living in the room, if any wall is sun facing or not, the sizes of the rooms to remember so that you can make an informed decision for hassle-free life.

  1. Brand

There are so many promising brands in India that offer a smooth service and commitment. Yet there should be enough research based on your budget, needs and frequency of usage. As a few brands provide decent features and service within your budget, a few focus on a better future, hence acute modification and advanced features. For example, some brands focus on sustainability and making it more eco friendly. Some brands try to attract their potential audiences by making their product look good and giving them an exotic and bold touch of colours. Some brands provide top-notch servicing. So it will be a smart decision not to go for choosing a brand just for the name but considering the service they provide afterwards.

  1. Advanced Features

Most Air Conditioners have some key features such as dehumidification, sleep timer, speed etc to make your life a little easy.

  • Dehumidification: It is a feature that helps your air conditioner run smoothly and more efficiently in lower energy. This feature is God-gifted if you live in a high humidity area. Sometimes an air conditioner in a dry mode works perfectly as a dehumidifier

  • Sleep Timer: Again, a very essential key feature that gives you the control to turn the AC on/off without your involvement. It also helps in decreasing the power bill and the hassle to wake up every day in the middle of the night

  1. Maintenance

Once you are done purchasing your desired air conditioner, you are also required to focus on aftercare. For example, almost all the brands provide warranty cards to ensure free servicing for a while. The servicing policy also differs from brand to brand. For example, Voltas AC Service is solely taken care of by Authorized professionals whereas some other brands deal with local skillful electricians. Anything that gives your AC a healthy life in the long run.


Last but not the least, it is important to remember that it is natural to feel overwhelmed while going through the brands, their specifications etc. It is indeed a task. A well strategic plan and noting down your requirements will help you choose the best out of the market.