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TOP 6 UX Design Agency

Simple, user-friendly design is key to great digital products. Creating a product that is easy to understand increases user acceptance and helps increase loyalty. It's important to get the right help. If you don't have an experienced UI / UX team, the best solution is to hire a great UX design agency.

Always be sure to do your own research before hiring an agency. Check out their portfolio and be sure to contact them and ask a few questions. Let's take a look at the best UX design agencies that are definitely professionals at their craft.

TOP 6 UX design agency:

  1. Purrweb.
  2. Work & Co.
  3. Ideo.
  4. Clay.
  5. Fireart studio.
  6. Brave UX.


The company Purrweb began as a union of two freelancers, and today it has become an UX design agency, the quality of which is appreciated. In addition to web services, Purrweb is engaged in mobile development, design, and creating desktop applications.

Cargo, Pony Express, Wrstbnd, FitForce, Jorny, PetBuddy, BCS Broker, have cooperated with Purrweb. On average, the company handles about 15 customers at a time. This is a very impressive reading.

Work & Co

The Work & Co agency has brought dozens of apps to market, developed their own product solutions, and fine-tuned all processes to launch products on a federal and global scale.

Work & Co is:

  • extensive experience developing dozens of iOS and Android apps,
  • a scalable development team and an app support/development environment,
  • experience in complex projects, working with app stores.

Work & Co has built code review processes to ensure consistent quality, testing on our own fleet of devices, infrastructure, CI, automatic delivery of builds. The UX design agency covers the entire UX design cycle: UX analytics, technical research, design, development and web integration, testing, publishing, maintenance, and post-warranty development.


Ideo is the oldest UX studio on this list and is still one of the top Influencers in the UX world. Partnering with Ideo Web Design Studio gives you the opportunity to get quality UI/UX design help. Ideo is a team of experienced professionals who develop an artistic website and app design solutions for the most demanding clients. Ideo knows how to make a site user-friendly, attractive, and intuitive for users.

Ideo team includes only the best specialists who have years of experience in design. Internet marketers and analysts will study your market and creative designers will visualize their research. Clients using the UX design agency's services also become part of the Ideo team. Together they bring even the boldest client ideas to life using their experience and knowledge of UI/UX design.

Ideo perfectionists. That is why they do their work qualitatively. Ideo understands the client's needs and guarantees a perfect conversion rate thanks to a correctly developed UX/UI design. Ideo has no one-size-fits-all solutions and every new project is developed from scratch to make sure that the site design will be unique. It will be simple enough to allow users without any special skills to use the company's services effectively. The main goal of UI/UX design is to allow users to get the result they want quickly and comfortably and Ideo UX design agency knows how to do it.


Clay is one of those companies that will take your idea, bring it to life and show the whole world. Clay will develop a website design that will definitely stand out in the market - it will be bright, user-friendly, and clear. The client's competitors will be left behind, and the users will be happy to use the services of the online business.

Clay UX design agency offers:

  1. Design modern, aesthetically pleasing, adaptive websites that focus on increasing conversions.
  2. Designing useful mobile applications which do not annoy you, but make you smile.
  3. Designing user-friendly, efficient SaaS solutions, platforms, and technological services to reduce users' headaches.
  4. Concise presentation design for clients, portfolios, and festivals. Only winning presentations, even if I have to redo them 3 times.

Fireart studio

Fireart Studio is a full-service company that has earned a place in the top UX design agency thanks to its hard work.

Features that distinguish Fireart studio from other agencies:

  • Fireart Studio UX design agency understands client's expectations and requirements for further prototyping work (and to do so, work closely with business analysts);
  •  review technical documentation and UI designs for compliance with prototypes;
  •  is able to estimate time for tasks and risks, conduct a presentation of their prototype to the team (which ideally includes a business analyst, frontend, backend, and QA) and the client;
  •  defends his/her solutions in a well-reasoned way;
  •  be able to work under technical constraints;
  • finds a balance between customer requirements and what might be best for the user.

Brave UX

Brave UX has its own approaches and practices in UX design. When developing a new product, it is better to start UX design from the very beginning and involve all stakeholders in the process. In web development, UX design can be broken down into several stages. That is why the Brave UX design agency actively uses 5 levels of UX design:

  1. Strategic Planning. Developing a general concept - figuring out what and who the product is created for, how the solution will stand out and differ from similar ones.
  2. Definition of functional and content requirements. Finding solutions for user tasks and selecting the appropriate functionality and content requirements.
  3. Organization of the structure. Design of the interaction architecture and organization of the content. Description of the actions to be performed by the user and the system's response behavior.
  4. Prototyping. A visual presentation of the product structure - arrangement of elements (buttons, fields), through which users will interact with the product functionality.
  5. UX creation. UI design - visualization of all previous stages.

This approach to work allowed the Brave UX design agency to gain respect in the field of UX design.


Modern UX design agency practice very different approaches to creating websites. Some try to stick to the classic style, others work carefully in a particular subject. Some agencies are not afraid to take risks and create something very original.

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