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Top 7 activities while staying at home

Right now, staying safe means staying at home! Staying at home for long periods of time is not the norm for most people, so you may find yourself (and your family!) getting bored or restless. To help beat stay at home boredom and keep yourself occupied, consider the following top 7 activities to do while staying at home.

Write a story or journal

Writing a story or a journal entry is a way to express your creativity while jotting down your thoughts about life, current events, or anything else that is going on in your mind. Whether you’re writing creative fiction or journal entries, writing is definitely a gray activity when staying at home.

Play chess

Chess is a great way to pass the time, keep your mind fresh, and simply do something fun! All you need is a chess board, some chess pieces and two comfortable chairs. If you have kids in the family, consider getting a kids chess set when you look for buy chess set options.

Read a book

Reading can be a wonderful way to pass the time! If you don’t have anything new to read, log onto your library’s online site and see if you can check out books for free using your phone, tablet or e-reading device. If you’re at home with family, consider encouraging “silent reading time” to give everyone time to curl up with a good book.

Clean up the house

There’s no better time to clean than when you are staying at home! Staying at home will be much more pleasant if your living space is nicely cleaned, organized and decluttered. To avoid getting overwhelmed, don’t try to tackle an entire room in one day; instead, pick a small space (such a single closet, a single pantry shelf, etc.) to do every day. 

Engage in arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a great option for kids and adults alike! Not only will doing some arts and crafts keep you occupied, it can be very relaxing and help you reduce stress. Ideas include painting, drawing, collage-making, and sewing or embroidery.

Watch a new movie or TV show

Movies and television are more accessible than ever before, thanks to the many different streaming services available through your phone, gaming system, laptop or right onto your smart TV. One activity you can try at home is to pick a new movie or TV show that you’ve never seen before; who knows, you may just find a brand new favorite! 

Work out at home

Exercise is very important to your physical and mental health; it is very important to keep up a good exercise routine even while staying at home so that you can keep your body in top physical health. You should create a daily exercise routine, such as going for a jog, riding a stationary bike, or doing workout videos. 

Remember the above top 7 activities to do at home when you’re looking for something to do while staying in place!

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