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TOP 7 Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

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Finding the best email marketing service is like choosing a business partner. He must be reliable, honest, hardworking, and efficient. High-quality software is a simple and convenient functionality. With its help, you can easily manage subscriber lists and processes when creating email campaigns. Definitely, a good service demonstrates high deliverability and open rates. And you can track all this by determining the effectiveness of certain marketing activities. Therefore, a service for working with email should provide accurate and up-to-date information on basic and indirect metrics. 

We have named a modest feature set. The modern email marketing service has a lot more potential. It is important that the agency also has powerful email list cleaning service tools. This is the only way you can be sure that your mailing list is clean. And this, in turn, is the basic condition for effective email marketing. 

Choosing an email marketing service: why is it so important?

Why is it important to choose effective email marketing tools? This is a rhetorical question. However, we will try to answer it so that you pay due attention to the selection of the service. Email marketing is the only way to get the highest ROI. In a good scenario, the return on investment can reach about 4,300%. This means that every dollar invested is capable of generating $43 in net profit. And whether this happens or not depends on the service that you take as your assistant.

If we put aside the topic of finance and talk about why digital marketing and tools for its implementation are really needed, then everything is simple. The main goal of marketing is to establish trusting relationships with customers, search for new ones, and so on circle-wise. If you have a quality application, then this task will always be solved. If not, then you will not see high ROI, or loyalty, as well as subscribers’ interest in your product.

Criteria for choosing a quality email marketing service

When choosing the best email campaign service, follow these rules:

·         you must be able to create vibrant, engaging, and effective newsletters;

·         working with the tools for creating email campaigns is intuitively simple and comfortable;

·         there is a complete set for sending letters in bulk, while the content is personalized and targeted (automation);

·         there is a possibility of user segmentation, contact management is simple;

·         there are available modern tracking tools to calculate efficiency.

The most important thing a good service should have is to ensure that your emails never end up in your Spam folder.

Who is in the TOP 7 Best Email Marketing Services in 2020?

When creating our rating, we started from parameters such as customization, list management, and tracking, deliverability rates, pricing, and security, integration with other applications, platforms, and social networks. And here's who got into our TOP-7:

1.    HubSpot;

2.    Constant Contact; 

3.    GetResponse; 

4.    MailerLite;

5.    AWeber;

6.    ConvertKit;

7.    Mailjet.

Services such as Drip, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp also performed well.

Conclusions or which service to give preference to?

The title "best mailing service" rightfully belongs to the cloud-based email verification service Proofy. This young platform has some of the highest deliverability rates at 98.5%. It has a complete set of functions for deep validation of the client base, including the API. There is also a simple and quickly customizable email marketing automation. In addition, Proofy is also a company email finder. The pricing policy and special offers are pleasing: from $0.006 per check, as well as 500 free checks for all new users. Try it now to take your email campaigns to a whole new level!

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