Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fire Warden Training


People who endanger their lives to serve society in crisis or emergency are the angels on earth. Fire wardens, the recruited fire staff in a workplace, also belong to those great souls. The role of the fire wardens during a fire case can be proactive or reactive, depending on the gravity of the situation. The fire wardens need to have skills, courage, and intelligence to tackle any emergency. They need proper training to master the skills required to take the decision and act rapidly. Fire warden training makes them practically skilled, courageous, and prompt. Without any professional training, the service of a fire warden can be fatal.

The Necessity Of Trained Fire Wardens At The Workplace As Per WHS Regulations

According to Section 43 of World Health and Safety (WHS) regulations, every workplace should have an emergency plan. The plan includes a procedure to meet an emergency in the workplace and save lives and property. Recruitment of one or more fire wardens is one of the safety measures to avoid damages in a possible fire accident at any workplace. The regulation also requires imparting information and providing training and instructions to the workers about emergency procedures. If you own a company or any other brand, you must consider appointing well-trained fire wardens for your workplace.

General people have endless curiosity and hundreds of queries regarding the job nature, the responsibilities, and the training of the fire wardens. This article will focus on the top 7 questions they ask regarding emergency fire warden training and find answers for them.       

What Is The Essentiality Of Providing Training To The Fire Wardens?

Training, an essential part of any profession, develops a person both theoretically and practically. A fire warden is responsible for ensuring the safety of the workplace and the workers from any unwanted fire incident. Without proper knowledge about safety procedures and operating the firefighting equipment, he will come to no help. 

The fire warden needs to learn how to keep cool, think fast, and act wisely in an alarming situation. A minor mistake in the decision-making or action from his side may lead to absolute disaster. Training is essential to attain this expertise and professionalism.  


How And Where Can A Fire Warden Get Training?

A fire warden can receive training practically from any accredited training academy in Australia or abroad. The training imparted from these institutions helps a trainee learn the ins and outs about the responsibilities of a fire warden. Apart from the theoretical knowledge, he also gets handy training with practical tests on fire prevention and extinguishing. At present, online training courses for fire wardens are also available. A fire warden may receive the training online by registering his name into a recognised website having an accreditation certificate. Keep in mind that practical training has more acceptability than online training.     

What Can A Fire Warden Learn From This Training?

A complete training course can make a fire warden competent, brave, and prompt. He can learn the duties and responsibilities of a fire warden from the training. He can learn the following things from the training:

  • Identifying the types of fire accidents and the possible risks associated.
  • Different types of threats like human threats, natural threats, and technological threats.
  • Proactive and reactive duties of a fire warden.
  • Techniques of using the firefighting tools.
  • Procedures for fire prevention.
  • Rescuing the people at risk.
  • Vacating the area under danger.  

What Is The Impact Of Fire Warden Training?

Training on a fire warden has many positive impacts on society. An exclusive training course can prepare a fire warden highly skilled in fire management. He becomes an asset for the workplace and a boon for a nation. He possesses the ability to save many lives and property in a fire accident. Training produces many skilled fire marshals who can ensure the safety of many organisations.     

What Training Does A Fire Warden Need To Work In Australia?

Australian legislation does not require any specific training for a fire warden’s job. According to law, the workplace should have a safety plan and train the staff to execute the plan. Reality is a bit different from what the law says. Most Australian industries look for professionally trained fire wardens for their workplaces. 

In Australia, there are two types of training available for the fire wardens. Emergency fire warden training is the top priority for its extensive course. A fire warden having comprehensive warden training has great demand in the job market. Flexible online training is almost like classroom training without any practical lessons. Many fire wardens receive this short training for a certificate to qualify for a job.

What Is The Validity Period Of Warden Training?

The validity period of warden training in Australia is usually two years. In some countries, the validity period is a maximum of three years from the date of completion. 

How Do Fire Wardens Apply Their Training Knowledge During An Emergency?

During an emergency of the fire incident, fire wardens play a significant role in controlling the further spread of fire and diminishing the losses. They know how and where to apply their practical knowledge and skills during a fire occurrence. The emergency demands accurate planning, sound judgment, and rapid action from the firefighters. Training gives them first-hand experience on how to follow these procedures. They used to remain calm and take a cool-headed decision before falling into action in an instant. Depending on the nature of fire threats, the wardens work out their plan, but they always prioritise the safety of human lives.

The job of a fire warden involves taking life risks to secure the lives of endangered people. He has to remain alert all time in case of a sudden fire incident. This extra caution often makes his life hard. The job of a fire warden is very significant for any institution. If you own a business or run an organisation, you should recruit a well-trained fire warden for your workplace.

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