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Top 7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

Water is an essential drink with plentiful benefits. Whether you are a water-lover or hydro-hater, you’ll agree water is a life saviour. People have rightly asked which water is best for drinking. There are two options to choose; bottled water or filtered water. Whichever your choice is, you have to know why filtered water should be the number option. Faucet water filter works best. This article will list the top 7 health benefits of drinking filtered water.

1- Provides essential minerals to the body

Filtered water is full of essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, fluoride, sodium, and potassium. These minerals are nutritionally advantageous. They provide cardiovascular health, bone formation, prevent teeth-related problems, and offer many other boosters to the immune system.

2- Filtered water is important to hair and skin

If you live in a place with hard water, filtered water is what you need to protect your skin from getting damaged. Install a water filter in the whole house and enjoy a chlorine-free shower. Doing so reduces lime-scale and will make your skin and hair glow.

3- Kills bacteria

Thousands of bacteria live in water. These microbes can cause severe damage to the internal body system. The scariest part is that these microorganisms are invisible and continue to grow and breed in water. Filtration kills and stops them from reproducing.  

4- It reduces plastic work

Plastic is becoming problematic each day. Its release in the environment worsens each day, making it an individual's responsibility to take part in the fight. Setting filtered water at home lessens plastic packaging. It only requires you to connect one system to get your water ready. Reduced plastic usage means a healthier and pleasant environment for humans. A clean environment triggers a calm mindset.

5- Gets rid of cancer

Cancer is a painful disease that is continuing to become common to people. It’s life-threatening yet a here-to-stay disease as long as we continue to take water and food contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Filtered water is a run-through if you want to keep off from cancer. Although it won’t protect you from all sorts of cancer, at least it'll save you from the colon, rectal and bladder cancer. It lowers the risks of getting them by removing chlorine, which is a trigger to cancerous development.

6- Removes toxins

Unfiltered water contains harmful substances like lead. These toxins mess with the internal system and may lead to death if not treated early. The pipes used to transport water underground are old, rusty, and peels off, releasing those dangerous elements to water. The only way out is to remove them by filtering your water and enjoy your drink without worrying about getting sick.

7- Taste and smell

 Most healthy things have the worst tastes and smells. Filtered water is different. Consuming something tasty is suitable for your health. So, filtered water allows you to treat your taste buds without hurting your nostrils. The sweetness makes it easier to drink lots of it hence making yourself healthier, the most important thing. Drinking a lot of water increases the metabolism rate and flushes out toxins and wholesome other benefits.

Types of water filters

The main types of water filters you can install in your home are:

  • Point-of-use water filters

This type only sieves the direct water outlet where the filter is installed. They include countertop water filters, under sink water filters, fridge filters, shower filters, etc. They use special tap to dispense filtered water.

  • Point-of-entry water filters

The filter is placed at the main entry of water before distributing it to other water outlets at home. Examples are whole house water filters and ultraviolet water filters. These filters are multi-stage and considered the preferred type since they make all water released safe. 

How do you make your choice?

The fact that filtered water has benefits doesn't mean that bottled water is canceled out. Any of them can suite perfectly depending on what factor you are considering. These tips will help you decide:

Do you want water for drinking only or other purposes?

Bottle water is best for drinking; it can hardly serve different purposes. Filter water is more convenient since you can use it for many things such as cooking, making coffee, and other usefulness. You only need a filtration system, and all your problems are solved.

How many people are in your water plan?

If you have a big family that needs plenty of water, you need to install a water filtration system to avoid spending unnecessarily. However, bottled water is perfect for an individual who rarely drinks water.

How is your portability?

Do you prefer a cooler that can move from one place to another in different locations? Or you rather have a filter connected to your tap? If portability is your main concern, water cooler with bottles is the best to go for. If it’s not a big deal, then filtered water is worth your pick.

Do you care about the environment?

Suppose you are concerned about eco-friendliness, then you already know what to choose. Filtered water contributes to making the environment plastic-free. But if you feel it’s the work of Health workers to take care of the situation, bottled water is not a bad idea.

Which is more convenient?

 If you want a one-time payment water supply, filtered water is what you need. However, if you are comfortable purchasing water bottles daily, you can go for that choice. Not all the time, filtered water is convenient, sometimes it’s the last option to consider. It all depends on your circumstance.

The Bottom Line

As they say, water is life. But that doesn’t mean all water is healthy. Drinking unfiltered water is unhealthy, and it might ruin your health rather than benefitting it. Filtered is the best if you want clean and safe water in your body. Its taste is incredible, and most of all, it keeps you protected from water-related diseases.  Moreover, you’ll save a lot of money, more than you can imagine. Install filtered water in your home, preferably a faucet water filter and you'll never regret that decision!

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