Top 7 High Paying Jobs


What jobs pay the most?

Certain jobs are clearly high paying. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc. But, there is a field that is unpopular by many solely because the career itself doesn't look glamorous on the outside. Truck driving actually offers a more than decent starting wage and can go much higher depending on the type of truck driven. There are multiple types of trucks, routes, and companies offering full benefits and competitive wages from the get go. CDL licenses are necessary for the higher paying jobs and have to be endorsed. This means a bit of extra training and certification but it leads to a heftier starting pay.

OTR Trucks

Coming in at the 7th highest paying trucker job an OTR route is coast to coast. Always wanted to travel the country but don't have the funds for a decent trip? OTR routes could be the solution you're looking for and you get money to do so. ORT stands for "Over the Road" a decent explanation for the job itself. OTR drivers have to be in it for the long haul and normally over the age of twenty-one. However, starting salary for OTR drivers ranges from 40k-45k a year plus benefits.

Team Drivers

Another long haul job but worth the effort. Team drivers hook up with other drivers to take on hauls and work together as, you guessed it, a team! Some even go on the road with their spouses to earn money and experience the world together. Team drivers are paid for their mileage and split between the two drivers. Having someone to talk to can ease the loneliness of the road if you're the type to like more conversation over silence and with two people driving it means less stops to sleep and more money based on mileage.

Transport Driver

These drivers are on the road all the time. You've probably encountered them on the highway and never had a second thought about how much they really make hauling all those junk cars. Transport drivers earn up to $53k starting by hauling damaged cars, new cars, cars getting towed and going to a different lot, luxury cars, and specialty cars. Hauling merchandise worth more per item pays a lot more than hauling boxes of cargo with a total price tag. You'll have to be more careful with turns and speed and possibly go through more training but the salary is much more than if you were to haul normal cargo.

Ice Road Trucks - Not Just a Show

If you've seen or heard of the cultural phenomena that was 'Ice Road Truckers' years back then you'll know the job is extremely dangerous. The work is seasonal depending on where you're driving and as stated before is incredibly dangerous with multiple hazards that can be unpredictable. However, the brave people who take on these necessary jobs get compensated well. Reports show some ice road truckers make up to $250k for just two months work during the harshest conditions. If the idea of driving over straight ice doesn't scare you then you should definitely check this type of route out.


Oversized Haul Loader

As the name states you'll be in charge of delivering extremely large items like heavy machinery. For this you will need a special license and special training but handling loads that are out of the norm for trucks means getting paid more. This job comes in at number three in the top seven highest paid jobs in the trucking industry averaging between $53k and $90k. For people willing and able to drive more often than required you may even make it to six figures with the added hours and hard work.

Hazmat Driving

Looking for something a bit more than hauling cargo but don't feel like taking on the arctic world of ice trucking? Hauling unsafe materials gives a bit of a thrill to the job experience while simultaneously bringing in more cash. Within a year hazmat drivers can earn a minimum of 1k a week. You will need to get your CDL endorsed for this special skill as well as take more training but after a year of dedication all your hard work will pay off.

Top Paying - Tanker Hauler

If you're unaware tankers are massive trucks that haul liquid. Usually gasoline or water. As the top paying trucker job, and possibly the best truck driver job, you'll have to again have more training since liquid cargo is irrevocably less stable than solid cargo and have your CDL endorsed like you do with hazmat driving. On average fuel truck drivers earn up to $70k annually, but with a few years under your belt you can make much more.
Truck driving isn't a job most consider glamorous or well paying but in reality truck drivers make good wages and have good benefits with the ability to expand their specialty and salary. If you're looking for a job without four walls and love exploring and seeing the country why not do it while earning good money?

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