Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Top 7 Tips For Designing Effective Campaign Signage

Signs and decals are an important part of any campaign for awareness and to win votes. They play a huge role in the campaign's success. 

However, not all signs and decals are successful. Having a properly thought-out plan and knowing of some useful tips can help you design signage that will grab people's attention. Otherwise, they can be just a waste of your time and money, leading to campaign failure.

Getting help from a professional signage company can help your campaign be more successful. They have the experience of working with different parties and designing signages for various types of campaigns. 

But how do you design effective signs for a campaign?

Know Your Audience

The first step towards achieving a great signage campaign is knowing your audience. Who is the targeted audience you are designing your campaign signs for? You can decide on your campaigns goals after deciding on your audience. This will help you to design effective signage and encourage voters to vote. 

Choose The Right Type Of Signage

When it comes to designing signage for a campaign, there are a variety of options you can choose from. You don't need to stick to one type of signage but can choose from different types to make your campaign successful. Some different types of signages are:

  • Banners

  • Yard Signs

  • Vehicle Wraps

  • Flags

  • Decals And Magnets

Choosing The Right Size 

The size of your signage matters a lot. You might need to install your signage in different places and considering the size is crucial for that. Deciding on the size of your signage will depend on the amount of traffic in that area such as: 

Standby Traffic: 12''x18'' or 12''x24''

Medium Traffic: 24''x32'' or 24''x38''

Highway Traffic: 32''x48''

Billboards: 48''x60'' or 48''x96''

These are the ideal sizes for the traffic conditions mentioned. 

Use Colors That Stand Out

Colors make up most of your signs. Therefore,  use the right combination of colors with an attractive contrast. Nowadays, signs are printed on flatbed printers, so you don't have to limit yourself to one or two colors.

Choosing sharp contrasts such as red, black, blue, or green on a white background looks quite appealing. Keep your name big and clear with a nice photo. Choose the right color and fonts to write your slogan. 

Use Readable Fonts

There is nothing more frustrating for your readers than being in a situation where they can't read your posters. There is a difference between reading while standing and reading while driving. You must make sure that your readers can read your signs while driving. 

A 1'' letter is visible at 30' while driving and 50' while standing. Choose a visible font size. Also, avoid decorative fonts as they can be hard to read in a short time. Using bold and big letters for a slogan is a good idea to make it more readable. 

Keep It Simple

Your signage shouldn't include too much information. You can add that in your speeches. Design your signs with as minimal words as possible. You can just ask to vote for (candidate name) with a short slogan. Keeping your message short and simple will be easy to read and generate more enthusiasm. Don't let the details dominate your crucial information. 

Include Consistent Symbols

Adding the same colors, symbols, and signs on every type of signage will create recognition for your party. Rather than reading your whole sign, readers will be able to immediately identify that the poster belongs to you. Keep your colors consistent so it creates an identity for your party. 

Final Thoughts


There can be many other things to keep in mind and consider when designing signage for a campaign of any kind. Layout, border, shape, and contact information are some other considerations. Receiving services from a sign expert who has a knack for creativity, quality materials, and the right equipment can help your campaign be successful.

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