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Top 7 Travelling Guides

We long travelling but sometimes we miss lots of other things harming our journey or tours. Most of the peoples only plan and few are doers. Are you planning for long drive or visiting some hill station on coming holiday? Psychological studies suggest that visiting a new place every year increase your productivity.

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  1. Car Checkup

I personally love my Audi while going to long drive or travelling. Audi is a great car for this purpose. I always visit my mechanic before leaving. It happened to me once when I had major car repair. My Timing Belt was broke at 190KM/H speed. Audi Timing Belt replacement cost is also too high and was the reason of my negligence. You must have a general car checkup on first priority especially if you are observing timing belt warning signs.

  1. Be evident

When you go to a restaurant or a coffee shop or a cafe, you should keep your map, camera, and travel guide on the table. It will make clear that you are a tourist. Some people will get interested in talking to you.  It is a great opportunity for you, to make a contact with the local people and other tourists.

  1. Use public transport

Sometimes, to go on every spot on feet is very difficult. As a tourist or as a traveler, you should have information about the new place and a map for getting information about public transportation's point. You can get this map on your mobile phones that give you a sense of direction where you want to go. Go through public transportation, is an easy way to going anywhere without suffering any problem or any trouble.

  1. Be patience

It can be difficult to adjust yourself to a new place, city or country. You cannot control or manage all the things at a glance. You should keep patience and take an overview of the city or place, where are you go. For this purpose, take you some time and watch the city's function and their people's living style.

  1. Keep smile

In some countries such as Pakistan, people take personality very seriously. So always keep a smile on your face. It shows that you are a happy, friendly, nice, kind, soft-hearted, and approachable person. This will attain the way of hospitality and also open many ways of the conversation with the other people.

  1. Be an open minded

There is a lot of culture in this world. People who live in different places, different countries and different area, have their own lifestyle and their own culture that is totally different from the others. When you go on a tour or travel to another place, you judge that their people's lifestyle that is different from your own. Don't make yourself angry, pride and arrogant. You should keep patience and try to understand their culture or living style. You should ask the question and think about that what will you learn from the people who you meet during your journey.

  1. Get registration from your embassy

It is necessary to get a registration from your embassy. It will be helpful to you if you are suffering any problem in that country. This will make easier for your country’s government to contact you and get you to safety.

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