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Top 7 Web Design Trends that Will dominate in 2020

Your product page is the income generator of your online business. People are visual beings, and visual designs play a key role in making your users understand your products. Since the launch of the first website in 1991, and today when the website is 30 years old, the world has witnessed an evolution in their businesses like no other technology.  

Web designing is a dynamic field with only constant thing is change. Design trends come and go as a reaction to cultural and tech changes. The field is continually evolving and adapting to the latest technologies like AI and AR, to serve its users in the best way. With web designs accountable for making your visitors stay or leave your website in just two seconds, it is essential to stay updated and incorporate the latest web design trends. 

As the advancements in technology are continuing to forge, users are also expecting more from their online experience. Therefore, web designers are also fortifying themselves to develop feature-rich websites. They are now incorporating the latest web design features to develop websites that make an everlasting impact on their users. 

Significance of Web Designs in Businesses 

A user-friendly and well-designed website can drastically enhance your whole business. On the other hand, a poorly designed web page can seriously kill your business.The founder of websites, Tim Berners-Lee once said that the websites have now become a library, a school, an office, a public square, a design studio, a bank, and much more. 

Not following the right web trends can create a lot of problems. Imagine, you have invested a lot of time and resources to incorporate a style on your web page, only to discover that the style you created is outdated. Today, several top web and app developmentcompanies are following the latest web design trends. Incorporating new trends into a page’s design can make your product more appealing to visitors and provides you a competitive edge.

Hence, web designers need to look at the latest trends before designing a web page.

Nowadays, the top-notch website designers have started to incredibly use more innovative ways to keep their websites clean, clutter-free, and functional.This blog contains the top seven web design trends that are going to dominate 2020!

Take a quick look at some of the latest web design trends.  

1.      Increased Focus on UX/UI


The best web app and development companies are focused on offering a great user experience in 2020. Your website must be engaging, smooth, and uninterrupted, and you can do this by:

·         Making your website clutter-free

·         Offering a fast loading page website 

·         Using relevant and SEO optimized content 

·         Using multimedia 

Website designers should blend creativity with functionality to create a great UX and clean design while keeping it unique in all ways. Along with providing a great UX, your site’s user interface should also be intuitive in2020. You can do this by:

·         Using image captions

·         Creating voice-enabled interfaces

·         Eliminating distracting elements

·         Using video transcriptions 

·         Providing your site’s visitors with easy-to-read content and user-friendly interface 

Not to mention that usage of smartphones is rising more in 2020, and smartphones can drive huge traffic towards your business. You must ensure the elements of your site to be flawlessly translated into both desktop and mobile phones. Hence, featuring your website with mobile responsiveness has also become increasingly important. 

2.      Use ofMicro Interactions and Animations


These are small events that are created to delight your users and create a moment that is engaging and welcoming for them. These tiny design elements are also called UI animations. Although very small elements play a significant role to please the audience of your website audience by giving them a human touch or feeling. 

For example, when a person downloads a file, by hitting the download button, he will see a status bar going from 0% to 100%. This is micro-interaction. 

Micro-interactionsgive users a feeling of what they are doing and put a soul into web designs. They allow users to interact with the website on a level that makes him feel tangible, and users get immediate feedback and direction of that action. You can see micro-interactions on all websites and apps, etc.

A simple example of a micro-interaction is the same as the button functionality of Facebook. When you hit the thumbs up icon, it gives the sensation of like in the form of animation. 

Each year, all new devices bring more possibilities for creating micro-interactions more innovatively. Micro-interactions will be the hottest web design trend and dominate the web screens in 2020. 

3.      AI & Contextual Technology Will be on the Rise

It’s no surprise that AI is hugely influencing a range of industries, and web design is no more exception. It is divided into two layers. 

Firstly, incorporating artificial intelligence in website design that can automate whole aspects of the website. This concept is sometimes called artificial design intelligence, and it creates more opportunities for web designers to innovate and grow their business. This technology is evolving at a fast pace providing immense benefits for designers who adopt it. 

Using AI in your web design smartly can make your site feel human, deliver a personalized and tailored experience, that’s the ultimate way to win your users.

Contextual technology can be in several firms, but on websites, it’s all about delivering a personalized user experience based on their circumstances. A contextual website can respond to user actions by analyzing their needs, and show them relevant content, and CTAs, etc. 

Another way in which AI is impacting the website designs is in the form of chatbots, offering 24/7 customer support and assistance for site visitors. Although chatbots lack the emotional intelligence to support humans, still they assist humans smartly by using their decision-making capability. Contextual website structure will be a dominating trend in 2020 that brings tons of advantages to enhance UX.

4.      Minimalism Will Continue to Dominate. -Less is Still More 

Minimalism has always been a dominating web design trend and getting more popularity in today’s’ web design landscape. Users mostly get attracted to the websites with a clean design andrelated content. Designers may get entice their sites’ users by feature-rich yet simple web design, as it seems to be the best way to engaging users with websites. 

To ensure minimalism in a web design page, web designers and web owners need to take care of the following things:

5.      Hidden Navigation

With the increasing dominancy of minimalism in web design, web designers are also forced to work with hidden navigational elements. Navigation unquestionably plays an essential role in your web design. Using hidden navigation, web designers can significantly reduce distractive interface elements and save a lot of white space.

Hence, top web and appdevelopmentcompanies are going to prioritize their content without sacrificing the usability and inaccessibility of their website. This will help to create a clearer and intuitive web layout, enhance UX, and significantly boost your website sales. So, don’t hesitate to use this design trend in 2020 to enhance your website. 

6.      White space        

Top website designers are moving towards using the white space on a web page that gives a clean, simple, and minimalistic look. Since the use of white spaces gives a clean look to your site, it makes the content more accessible and digestible to users. Hence, it’s a good means to please your site users. 

Using White spaces, your site visitors can identify its hierarchy and can easily find important information from the web pages. Hence, web designers can enhance the user experience by knowing the ways to use white space in web pages.  

7.      Use of Bold and Bright Colors will be Trendy

Colors are among the most powerful tools in a designer’s arsenal with the power to make or break your website design. In the past, web designers have been limited to only use some safe colors in their website designs. However, in 2020, the design landscape is going to be dominated by more friendly, mind-blowing gradients, bold,and vibrant colors. 

Whether created by an individual designer or a professional web design company, the right color scheme is essential to make a first-class website that users will love. 

Colors are responsible for highlighting your products and information, and today, the best web design companies are more focused on using bright colors in their design pages. These colors are being used to arousing the needs of products, attract customers, drive conversions, and build customer loyalty. Good colors require thorough planning and, when done rightly, can influence how a site visitor interprets when experiencing your web layout. 

Sites visitors always get frustrated with a non-appealing website and opt for a more desirable one. Web designers are now started to use lively colors to make their designs appealing and grab the attention of users on important elements.

Redesign Your Website and Take It to Next Level

Although it’s difficult to exaggerate the importance of keeping updated with the latest trends in the web design industry. However, by following the latest design trends, you can delight your clients with awesome work and enhance your business growth noticeably.

Do you also want to redesign your website into the modern look in 2020? Get help with an award-winning web and app development company to keep your website stay ahead of the curve. 


Author Bio

Tabish Khalid is a Senior Digital Marketing Executive for Applify Labs, an affordable web and app developers company headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. He enjoys years-long expertise in digital marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, and more. He loves writing about technologies.

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