Top 7 Wireless Tech Trends Right Now


Technology has revolutionized the way of living. We had to stick to our tables in the past to do work and now, Wireless technology has made us work from anywhere. We can use our laptops, mobile, and other devices wherever we want. Many technologies are in trend nowadays. The top 7 tech trends right now are:

  • Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is no doubt is one of the most used and popular wireless technology trends. It is a technology that allows the devices to connect with the internet with no cables. We are using it for a long time, and it will be the trend in the future too. Also if you have a device that connects to Ethernet only then you can make use of the Wi-Fi to Ethernet converter to connect to the Wi-Fi through it.

Wi-Fi plays a major role in the communication system and networking. Wi-Fi is almost everywhere, from our houses to drones. Nowadays, Wi-Fi supports IoT that is transforming the world.

  • Cellular Networks (4G/ 5G / 6G)

Cellular networks are the wireless networks we use on our smartphones. The cellular networks have become better from time to time, from 2G to 5g in operation and 6G waiting to be launched. 4G network provides broadband internet. It is in use nowadays. This 4G will upgrade in 5G. 5G will give more speed, support IoT, and communication networks as well. 6G is under development, and surely it will be more efficient than 5G.

  • Advance Wireless Location Tracking

Wireless location tracking is a Wi-Fi-based real-time location system (RTLS). It tracks the moving object. It is better than other RTLS. This technology is in trend right now. It is expensive than other RTLS, but they provide a more secure network and accurate locations. It has a short range of 3 to 5 meters, so usually used in indoor tracking, but integration with other RTLS can be used for outdoor tracking as well.

  • Vehicle to Everything (V2X)

The communication between a vehicle and another object like other parts of the traffic system. V2X generates short wireless signals to communicate with the environment and traffic. V2X comprises vehicle to vehicle (v2v) communication and vehicle to infrastructure (v2i). The key purpose of v2x is safety, though it facilitates people with other benefits also like automatic payment toll, and parking. 5G automotive association is a real-world example of V2X.

  • Long-Range Wireless Power

Wireless power is a quite familiar term nowadays. The concept is a power transfer without moving mass from the transmitter and receiver. Long-range wireless power has over 100 meters of range. There are several ways of implementing LRWP, one of them is using an antenna that sends electromagnetic waves. Long-range wireless power has used cases in sending power from space to earth.

  • Wireless Sensing Network

Wireless sensing networks have gained fame because of their applications in different domains. WSN has brought solutions to many problems and already has been implemented in different fields. These networks cover a large area and transform according to the condition. Wireless sensing allows remote monitoring with less development cost.

Until now, wireless sensing has been implemented in military command lines and control for targeting and surveillance. This networking trend is very useful in collecting traffic information and detecting incidents.

  • ZigBee

A wireless technology trend developed to fulfill the need for IoT networks. ZigBee is pocket-friendly and consumes less power. Zigbee standard based on IEEE 802.15.4. The ZigBee protocol is to address the data transfer from noisy RF surroundings. It supports several topologies, including mesh and point to multi-point networks. As ZigBee consumes less power, it has a good battery life, and the battery lasts for over five years. ZigBee applications are lighting controls, tank monitoring, medical devices, and more.

Wrapping UP

Wireless networks have transfigured technology and way of implementation. Wireless technology has advanced in almost every domain, either it is a military system or health machinery. Advantages of wireless network can’t be ignored. The discussed trends are some glimpses of the advancement of wireless technology and its effect on our lives.