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Top 8 Best Cold Creams and Moisturizers for Face in India


Skin needs regular care but winter season is when you need to take an extra bit of skincare. The chill in the air during this time tends to dry up the skin and make it parched and flaky. Only organic skincare products can maintain the vitality, health and glow of the skin.

What Happens When There is Chill in the Air?

A nip in the air is a signal that winter season has officially arrived. But the cold wave that blows through takes a toll on skin that remains exposed, particularly the face. Moisture content of the superficial layer of the skin gets diminished making it look pale and dull.

Facial skin is most vulnerable and sensitive compared to the rest areas of skin. Hence, the tendency to lose water and natural oils is greater, especially during the colder and drier months. You need a perfect shield to get back a radiantly soft skin.

Two powerful weapons that can fight an extreme climactic situation or chilly winter, and provide optimum skin protection are cold creams and moisturisers.  

There are hundreds of winter care beauty products available in the online marketplace. It might be difficult to find out the best skincare products. There’s an easy solution – choose only organic cosmetics beauty products which are not harsh on skin (no chemicals, toxins, silicones, parabens, etc.)

What Should Be Chosen – Cold Cream or Moisturiser?

Ideally, you should keep cold cream and moisturiser in your skincare regime because of the stunning benefits provided by both these skincare products.

To understand why you need dual protection, you need to have knowledge about what are cold creams and moisturisers. Cold creams act as a cleanser for makeup and acts a thick barrier to prevent moisture loss. Moisturiser hydrates the skin. As water balance of skin is restored it looks soft and plumper. It also acts as a safeguard against formations of fines lines and wrinkles on skin.

The benefits of moisturiser is three-fold – hydration and lubrication along with skin protection. The benefit of cold cream lies in its deep cleansing effect which cleans up skin pores, and hence minimize the chance of acne formation. This refreshes skin and makes it glowing.

Both cold creams and moisturisers have a singular aim – they tighten up the skin texture and removes dryness of the skin. End result – an even skin tone and texture.

Top 8 Best Cold Creams & Moisturisers for Face – Ingredients and Benefits

  • Argan & Rose Day Cream (50ml) from organic cosmetic brand Neemli Naturals
  • LET IT GLOW Deep Facial Massage Cream (75 gm) from organic cosmetic brand Auli Lifestyle
  • Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream (50 gm) from organic cosmetic brand The Natures’ Co.
  • Saffron Radiance Face Cream (50 gm) from organic cosmetic brand The Nature’s Co.
  • Bio Winter Cherry Body Nourisher from organic cosmetic brand Biotique
  • Juniper & Yarrow 24 Hours Moisturizer (30gm) from organic cosmetic brand Paul Penders
  • Aloe & Lavender All Day Moisturizer (30 gm) from organic cosmetic brand Paul Penders
  • Pure 21 Hydrating Day & Night Brightening Face Cream (50 gm) from organic cosmetic brand First Water Solutions

There are many organic cosmetic beauty products brands apart from the few names enlisted above. Visit the premier online beauty marketplace and buy 100% safe and genuine products from MamaEarth, Khadi Natural, Raw Earth, Bhumih Ayurveda, Organic Harvest, Omorfree, Greenberry Organics, Just Herbs and SoulTree. 

Follow a Strict Skincare Regime

The best way to get a super perfect and healthy skin is to cleanse the skin followed by toning and moisturizing.  Eat nutritious food and have a good lifestyle to remain healthy in and out.

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