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Top 8 career options in upcoming 2017

At the beginning of last year, the industries showed enough encouragement to the job seekers. Many of you also made your positions in those giant hubs and landed on the ground hoping a great future. But the scope of career started narrowing down from the second half of the year due to the change in the world economy. This situation remained unchanged for months. But now people see a hope, as the market is rising again. This time, you have enough chance to make an exciting career if you start with any of these top 8 career options.

1. Make your mark in the software industry:

This is one of the booming industries that have become the first choice of the young generation. This is the place, where not only the engineers but others with certain skill sets can easily fit in. With a lot of chance for growth, availability of work, reputed platforms and increasing courses for gaining knowledge about this field, help people to think of a great career in the IT sector.

software industry

2.Bankers with a lot of money:

This is when the finance industry is at its peak. Students from the different educational background are trying hard to make space in one of those high rated banks. In the banking field, people get a lot of opportunities to grow and reach higher position faster. The foremost thing is that people in this field are also paid well. This is always a better chance to earn prestige and respect too.

3.Charismatic management:

When it comes to an elegant career choice, the name of management comes at the top. From hotel to hospitality, travel and tourism to the corporate world the demand of enthusiastic management employees are always high. The charismatic appearance, involvement in the greater activities and the promising leadership quality are the special elements that make people think of it.

4.The newly enhanced medical sector:

Though, it might sound a bit old school but the fact is that the students are still excited to join this field. The job is not only restricted to the position of medical representatives anymore but has expanded over the years. The idea and concept in this area of work have enhanced with time and emerged in a new way. It would be a great deal for those who want to make a lot of money by working hard in their lives.

5.The door of the entertainment is wide open:

Making a career in the entertainment business is quite easier now. The evolved media and massive involvement in the social activities have increased the chance to make a mark in this arena. The entertainment field is no more restricted to acting. It has opened the door for people with different talents. Copywriting, creative writing, script and concept, directing, the camera works, sound engineering, designing, hosting and much more options are open now. Even the news and media has evolved. Those, who are studying journalism, have a great chance to make a glittery future.

6.Imagine more with animation:

Though, people consider it as a part of the entertainment industry but the work of animation has expanded beyond it. It has made its own position in the market and created an impression on the other fields too. Artistic people now get a chance to imagine and create new things by earning a lot of money.

7.The fever of Content writing:

The demand of writers was always there in a different way through ages. With the existence of the internet and its continuous progress, the demand of content writers has increased with time. This is the time when you can actually do a lot in this field by making notable money. In every field, they need a writer and if you know that you have the flair of writing this is the perfect option for you. Being a prime search engine, Google gives a lot of priority to the content writers. Your writing can change the scenario of a business over the net.

content writing

8.Feel the freedom of freelancing:

If you don’t prefer working under others this is the right thing to do. Come up with your certain skill sets and hunt for the projects on and offline. People are there, continuously looking for the freelancers that they can save their in-house resources and get the work done. In freelancing, there is a chance that you earn more than a person who spends hours at the office. You just have to be a pro with your skills and offer the best samples of work to prove your potential.

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