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Top 8 Hair Regrowth Oils for Women that Works Wonders!

Did you always yearn for long, luscious-looking hair that would make for great pictures and stir envy amongst fellow onlookers? However, you are suffering a setback due to incessant hair loss and alopecia? We have come to your aid with a list of some oils that can help in arresting hair fall, fasten up hair regrowth, and improve your mane’s overall quality. These hair regrowth oils not only boost hair growth but also alleviate the general health of your hair, combatting problems like dandruff, split ends, and scalp issues, among other things.

The best thing is, all the oils we would suggest in this article are natural, readily available in the markets, and economical to your needs.

All of us remember the good old days when our mothers and grandmothers would sit us down and give us hot-oil hair massages twice a week. Maybe resorting to this old-school idea of hair care is the best way to nourish your damaged hair with a good hair regrowth oil. Let us now understand the best hair oils in the market, their advantages and the correct way to use them.

Decoding the best hair regrowth oils for women

1.  Onion Oil

Onion oil as a hair regrowth oil has a host of benefits that are effective in preventing and treating baldness. The rich sulphur quotient in this particular hair regrowth oil helps to reduce hair leakage, treats split ends, and prevents thinning of hair. Moreover, onion oil maintains the scalp’s natural pH balance, thus saving the hair from premature oxidation and greying. It is thereby one of the proven hair regrowth oils with its rejuvenating properties.

2.  Coconut hair oil

One of India’s most popular oils- coconut oil is an excellent and versatile hair regrowth oil that gives soft, lustrous hair. It comes infused with Vitamin E and antioxidants, which repairs damaged hair. The high amount of fatty acids in the oil are known to penetrate hair follicles and moisturize dry hair. Also, when it is mixed with other ayurvedic herbs like bhringraj, curry leaves, brahmi or amla, it works wonders and helps in faster hair growth.

3.  Argan oil

Argan oil, which finds its origins in Morocco, is extracted from the nuts of Argan trees. The ‘liquid gold’ oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and Vitamin F that repair damaged hair and act as a wonderful hair regrowth oil. It is taking the cosmetic and beauty world by storm by treating heat-damaged hair. This oil also treats split ends and makes the hair look lustrous. Although argan oil is quite thick and viscous, it is thankfully not greasy, which makes it suitable for frequent use.

4.  Jojoba oil

The most amazing advantage of Jojoba oil is that it contains many characteristics of sebum- the natural secretion of our scalp. This lends the oil a natural effect since it does not interfere with the natural balance on our scalps. Jojoba oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and acts as a great moisturizer. Using it regularly makes the hair frizz-free and provides a rich lustre to it. It helps in hair regrowth by facilitating the growth of new hair cells. This oil also protects the hair by acting against dandruff.

5.  Almond oil

Almond oil is an amazing hair regrowth oil since it is excellent for the skin and hair. Additionally, it is also recommended for consumption for those who suffer from extremely dry skin and hair. It has the highest Vitamin E content, and is rich in various fatty acids, antioxidants, and magnesium, which reduces hair breakage. This oil may be used as a serum on towel-dried hair on some days, which helps in sealing in the moisture.

6.  Olive oil

Another versatile oil is olive oil, which has visible protective and moisturizing properties. It is a lightweight hair regrowth oil that contains Vitamin E and oleic acid, which easily seeps into the hair follicles and locks in the much-valued moisture. It is one of the best natural conditioners, which gives visibly soft and smooth hair. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil help in treating dandruff and, thus, hair fall.

7.  Sesame oil

This hair regrowth oil serves as the base for many ayurvedic oil concoctions for hair growth. Since sesame oil is antimicrobial in nature, it treats a lot of scalp and fungal infections. The richness of this oil is best refined when used as hot hair oil. It conditions the hair, gets rid of dandruff, boosts hair growth with Vitamin E, and makes the hair strong.

8.  Castor oil

This thick viscous hair oil, often used as a carrier oil has great properties. Rich in Vitamin E, proteins and minerals, it works wonders on your hair. Its antimicrobial properties help in fighting scalp issues and get rid of dandruff. Castor oil also contains ricinoleic acid which keeps inflammations at bay. It helps in moisturizing the hair and keeping it soft, thus maintaining the moisture level in the hair. It also helps in blood circulation to the scalp, which makes it an extremely important hair regrowth oil. Regular religious use of castor oil gives you thick, shiny, and strong hair.

Hair oils should be applied at least twice a week for visible results. Warming the oil before application helps in stimulating proper blood circulation and increases blood flow to the hair bulbs. Additionally, after application, steaming it or using a hot water towel enables the oil to seep in deeper into the hair shaft.

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