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Top 8 Principles of Becoming a Great Seller


You probably know someone who is so good at selling such that they can "sell ice to an Eskimo." How did they become that great? One this is for sure: that great sellers understand the reasons for selling products and how it will benefit the customer. Therefore, their selling process is quite natural, which is something that appeals to clients a lot. Luckily enough, becoming a great seller does not involve superpowers. It is all about harnessing your strengths.


1. Make connections and build relationships

Everyone who walks into the business premise is a potential customer, and they are human, just like you are. Never look at the client like a "transaction," "commodity" or "potential sale." Seek to understand their desires and listen to them so that you can create a connection. Pay attention to their questions and answer them with openness. Building a relationship with a customer is one of the primary reasons that have made major retailers extremely profitable.


2. Let your sales point be the value of the product

Make sure that you understand the benefits and downsides of a product. Do not sell something only because you want to make money. When you pitch for a product or service that is not useful, you are likely to make short-term sales, but you will not get return customers and referrals.


3. Practice honesty

Most clients are savvy enough to know when a salesperson is honest about a product. Think about it; if you noticed that someone was lying about a service or product, would you bother buying it? Honesty breeds trust and trust leads to making huge sales. Do not praise a product for what it isn't. If you do not know an answer to a potential client's question ask them to wait while you find the right answer. You can also refer them to an expert. For example, if you are doing sales for yard renovation or custom pools make sure to refer them to professionals by searching “custom pools Las Vegas” or whatever the city may be. 


4. Respect the client and honor their wishes

From the instant you connect with the customer, you are in charge of the relationship and will determine whether it leads to a sale. When you accept that the client is in ultimate control, you will respect that they know what is best for them. Such an approach will allow you to build trust and credibility quickly.


5. Go the extra mile

Selling is just like all other good things in life, where persistence pays off. You should be diligent enough to make a follow-up, but do not be pushy. If necessary, do both pre-sale and post-sale follow-ups. Show the clients that you are genuinely concerned and that you want the best experience for them. Making personalized contact consistently will go a long way in increasing your sales.


6. Give attractive and timely offers

When you listen to your potential customer, you will quickly understand their needs and know why they want to buy the product. At this point, you have a secret weapon that you can use to lure them. All you need is to make timely and attractive offers. Being relevant gives you an upper hand, which is one of the skills you acquire from negotiation training.


7. Pay attention to the client's personality

Great salespeople take the time to learn the customer's personality and adjust their sales techniques according to their personality type. For instance, you need a different selling approach when handing an introverted customer as opposed to an extroverted one. Note how different people react to the various sales approaches and adjust your techniques appropriately.


8. Learn from your mistakes and successes

Salespeople are always learning. Analyze every sale, whether successful or unsuccessful. Understand why the clients did or didn't buy from you. Use these lessons to your advantage and apply the skills in future sales.


It is a common belief that great salespeople were born gifted, but that is not the case. Practice these tips daily to harness the successful salesperson in you. Always seek to learn.


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