Top 8 tips for Starting a Youth Football Team

Kids Soccer Training Bristol

Coaching kids for football is an overwhelming task. You need to know the technique of handling children because they are unpredictable, moody & can easily get bored. Starting a youth football team with children can be a difficult job if you lack the basics. After training the children for a sufficient period of time, starting a youth football team is not a bad idea. It will allow the kids to explore how much they have absorbed your training, whether they are able to independently apply whatever they have learned in pre-school football classes Bristol. When you know the right way to lead the path, your mission will undoubtedly be a success.

Kids Soccer Training Bristol

In this blog, we shall discuss some tips for starting a youth football team.

  1. Decide on the philosophy of your team- Becoming the coach of a youth football team, will require a coaching philosophy which is nothing but a certain way of doing things. The players need to know your vision, values & must understand that this team is much different from the other teams. Every member of the team will have to be aware of the philosophy because the main aim is to create skillful & innovative players.

  2. Way to play- Every coach has his own formula of the right way to kick the ball & this is taught to the young players during the class. It should be kept in mind that all should work towards a style of play that embraces skill & instills individualism. The players should also be able to make good decisions while learning the right way to play football. It is also important to know more than one way to play with the ball or else at the end, there will only be ‘robot’ players who will know only one way to play football & will lack versatility.

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  3. Creation of football curriculum- Create an agenda for your football team. Without a basic planning, you & your team will feel lost in the ocean, drifting along the waters! Divide the session into 4 levels & this should help you to plan your football curriculum efficiently.

  4. Address your expectations- Remember that the players are still young & will need proper communication. So unless you speak out your thoughts, they will be unable to understand you. Clearly explain out what you expect of them, your values & beliefs, how they must behave on the field & so on.

  5. Implement your style of play- since you have pronounced out your plan & philosophy, develop & achieve your style of play. You can prepare the players to develop this style so that it is useful & productive in the future if they take up football as a career.

  6. Be consistent- No matter how much the players will ask you to change the style & technique, stick to your philosophy & beliefs. Even if you suffer defeats, there is no need to bring about a drastic change. Remember that development is the most important thing & not the result. Don’t let the results influence what you are trying to instill in the young minds while training them.

  7. Set homework- Football is just like the lessons taught in the classroom. So giving homework should also be on the agenda to complement the training session you have just delivered. Through home works done by the players, you can re-enforce the topic that is done for the week.

  8. Remind the previously taught topics- The best way to revise the topics that you have done in the class is to go back to what you have taught, every now & then. Make short references to all the done topics so that the players will remember it in a better way.

Following these 8 tips will help you to form a youth football team successfully. You can enroll your child in kids football coaching Bristol for the best results.