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Top apps for kids to learn to code

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Studies have shown that children are capable of learning languages better. Whereas aged brains can be efficient, young ones are more malleable. Like natural or spoken languages, it is a good idea for children to venture into the world of programming languages. Since young and old brains are different in retention on content, so are the learning methods; coding apps for children provide several opportunities for teaching kids programming. Coding apps for kids are a controlled environment with fun. Instead of sending kids to attend coding boot camp, explore the following coding apps.



The tagline for Kodable is programming for children with love. The app comes with lessons that target kids in kindergarten to fifth graders. Whereas the K-3 syllabus is introductory, fourth and fifth-grade curriculums are about focussed learning. Kodable teaches kids the JavaScript programming language and provides coding homework help. Since JavaScript is a foundational language to programming, kids who learn it fosters good programming skills. Progression lessons in this app are fun for students.


Daisy the Dinosaur

Stories of dinosaurs are fun to kids. Likewise, daisy the dinosaur is a great programming app for children, which comes with mini-games to equip kids with basic programming skills. For example, the loop-de-loop challenge inspires children to use word commands to enable daisy to take several moves. However, there is a catch; the child gets restricted to make use spin command once.


Learn and think code-a-pillar

This great app by Fisher-Price provides a distinct bonus in the form of an app together with the offline toy. The app is suitable for children between the ages of three to six years old. Whereas it is desirable to introduce children to practical hands-on programming and technology enlightenment, a lot of screen time is harmful to a child’s growth. Therefore, this app with the corresponding toy complements each other.



This app offers kids an opportunity to tinker with while enjoying practical programming skills. Tynker, like similar apps that enable children to learn to program, fuses coding with excitement. This app is smart for children since they can code games, develop apps, modify Minecraft, drones, robots, and even explore STEM subjects. Kids start experimenting with visual blocks before venturing to JavaScript and Python.


Nancy drew

Nancy drew offers learning together with games together with a STEM theme. The idea is simple but effective. The app presents a narrative concerning a technology fair together with a mystery to solve it. In the process, the child drags and drops visual code blocks to their desired locations. In some mini-games, children select costumes; hence, the app becomes a good entry-level programming app for STEM development.


Algorithm city for coding games

This app makes use of cute cube animals to impart elementary programming concepts to children. Specifically, it introduces loops, functions, and command sequencing to kids. It employs a level-based game style where a player guides a character to pick gold. It has four chapters, all with 51 levels. This app is available to Android devices.



According to reviewers, ScratchJr is the best programming app for children. It is a youth version of the Scratch development tool that most schools use and are very popular with children.

The aim of the app is suitable for children between the ages of 5 to 7 years. It comes with a simple user interface.




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