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Top attractions for families to see in Main Beach

Originally Southport East, Main Beach is one of the most popular beachside suburbs of the city of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The suburb is surrounded by water with just one thing, the Narrowneck isthmus connecting it to the mainland Southport. And this is one of those things that make it so beautiful.

The history of Main Beach goes back to the 19th century as the main surf beach of Southport town and attracted so many visitors as a result. The Major development began in 1922 with the construction of the Jubilee Bridge, followed by land sales and leases in the area. The opening of the ridge in 1926 resulted in further development with the construction of holiday houses and some temporary guest houses. Main beach became so popular, attracting more and more people to the area. After that, there were more structures constructed, and as time elapsed, there were even more attractions in Main Beach.

Today, Main Beach has a population of more than 3900 people and is one of the major attractions in Queensland. With the beautiful beach, the world-class hotels, nightlife, and all the fun activities, for both adults and kids, this is the perfect place for you and your family to relax and have fun.

Some of the top family attractions are:

1.    Deep-sea Fishing

If you and your family love to fish, then this is the perfect place for you. Here, you will all have so much fun catching some of the rare species of fish that you cannot find at the shores. Such species include the Cobia, Teraglin, Mackerel, Kingfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Snappers, and many more.

You will access the deep waters through Fishing Gold Coast seaway, which is one of the most important coastal structures in Australia. The Gold Coast seaway construction project began in 1984 and was completed in 1986 to create a safe passage in and out of Gold Coast city from the Pacific Ocean. Through this channel, you will have a lot of fun together with your family fishing, and as a bonus, enjoy the mind-blowing view of the Pacific Ocean.

2.    Shopping

Marina Mirage is a Major attraction to those who love shopping. With all the Jewelers, homewares stores, and fashion boutiques, your shopping experience will never be the same again. If you are interested in real estate, high-end fashions, or accessories, Tedder Avenue is the place for you to go. There are also several beauty clinics and hair salons on this avenue to keep you looking good throughout your stay.

3.    The Food

Main Beach is home to some of the best bars, restaurants, and other food joints in Queensland. No wonder some people will travel very long distances to catch a good meal after engaging in an activity such as surfing or fishing.

For instance, you can take a fresh pie from the Main Beach Bakery after an engaging activity in the morning. The bakery is trusted by many for producing the best-baked products and sandwiches for over four decades now.

You can also enjoy lunch or breakfast together with your family in a pavilion of your choice. Or even sip some coffee in one of the best coffee joints in the area, not forgetting the egg rolls, the hot chips, and the bacon. When it comes to food, you have unlimited options, and they are all good.

4.    The Activities

There are so many things you can do together with your family in Main Beach. Examples include:

     Surfing: This is one of the oldest and the most popular activities in Main Beach. You do not need to be an expert to take part. You can also take lessons to learn.

     Sea World: This allows you to watch sea animals such as polar bears, penguins, dolphins, sharks, and many others in real life and their natural environment.


     Jet skiing

     Jetpack adventure etc

5.    The Nightlife

Main Beach has some of the best nightlife experiences in Queensland. The fun simply never ends here.

The Southport Yacht Club is one of the places to relax and have fun together with your family. The facilities, the food, music, the serenades, you have to fall in love with this place.

Another place to spend and have fun at night is Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern. Here, you can enjoy some DJ live performances as you sip some cocktail or beer.

6.    What about the Kids?

If you are wondering about what to do with your kids, worry no more. There is always something for everyone at Main Beach. So, don’t cancel your trip or leave your kids behind. You can have so much fun as a family Main Beach, QLD, without compromising anyone. Examples of things you can do with your kids in Main Beach QLD include;

-       Sea World, Main Beach, QLD

-       Abrakidazzle, Southport, QLD

-       King Tutts Putt Putt, Surfers Paradise, QLD

-       Infinity, Surfers Paradise QLD

-       Queensland Museum, South Brisbane, QLD, etc


Main beach is an all-rounded destination for everyone to relax and have fun either as an individual or as a family. Regardless of your age, gender, or race this, is the one place you will visit and not regret.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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