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Top B2B Platforms That Connect Face Mask Buyers and Importers in 2020

Opting for the right online b2b marketplaces for face mask buyers and importers or websites to invest is quite a hard and a risky process of all times. It basically depends on many factors and also may be very tricky to pick an appropriate platform. And this is not surprising that task of looking for the right marketplace is just the beginning.
The trend of a B2B portal is not new but the development of technology has definitely transformed the way they function. Online trading features and the branding has overcome the old and traditional trading methods to cooperate with targeted sellers or buyers. Following are some of the fastest growing and the best B2B marketplaces that are assisting thousands of individuals as well we businesses all over the world to grow and reach their local and international clients, especially the ones who basically deal with Face mask buyers or sellers.

1. eWorldTrade 

eWorldTrade is one of the best and a leading B2B e-commerce trading platforms. This company has been operating for more than a decade in this industry and has made an invincible name in the B2B market with its unique methods to connect potential Face mask buyers and sellers together including other accessories. The most amazing part of this company is its extremely responsive site that is supported with high technology to give all-in-one online experience to its clients and customers. The marketplace is fortified with precise filters to assist users sort out the products and to reach their preferred collection without any difficulty.Moreover, you can get valued suggestions from their AI-integrated chatbots. The customer care of eWorldTrade offers finest and efficient customer care that ensures solution of any sort of query. The fastest response and concerned approach set eWorldTrade apart. With all of these overpowering facilities, from ease-of-trading to connecting with disposable Mask buyers, this company offers businesses a multi-featured collection of services.

2. DHgate

DHgate is an international B2B platform and a market brand composed of groups of B2B and network marketing experts, and has been dedicated to pursuing technical projects all over the world. The technical staff of this company have advanced online marketing experience and have more in-depth knowledge about industry. Their aim is to operate endlessly and efficiently all over the globe and provide ease of trading. The website has been toiling hard to improve its skills, tools and know-how reserves to provide better services to potential KN95 Mask buyers and suppliers.Apart from other B2B platforms, DHgate also offers high-class services to clients, allowing them to opt plans according to their needs and provide various services according to their plans. Customers can choose several types of trading methods. Potential Surgical mask buyers and suppliers of other accessories can choose any packaging service according to their wishes.
The difference between DHgate and other traditional B2B platforms is that DHgate bestows great importance to investing in suppliers to make sure that buyers and sellers make profit.

3. ThomasNet

ThomasNet combines powerful search technology with the introduction of many companies on the platform, increasing the choice of suppliers, and it is free. ThomasNet was formerly called “The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers” and is the world’s leading B2B platform. From offering best trading methods to providing list of potential Medical Mask suppliers as well as buyers for any kind of product, they appear on the top of the list when we talk about best B2B platforms.

4. EC21

EC21 was established in South Korea in 1997 and the server is located in the United States. It is one of the top 10 online B2B platforms in the world. EC21 is a platform headquartered in South Korea. The platform is dedicated to the development of global buyers, especially when it comes to surgical mask buyers as well as KN95 Mask buyers all across the globe. It is a comprehensive foreign trade platform, not only for the Korean market, but also supports 8 different languages and has a wide range of trading of products.EC21 is one of the world’s leading B2B online trading markets. Since entering the market, EC21 has 1 million effective supply and demand information, 3.2 million product information, and a huge collection of 1 million buyers worldwide. The buyer database ranks among the top 2 in global trade and trade. Product categories include computers, electronic gifts, handicrafts, household and office supplies, medicines, maintenance and environmental business services, vehicles and transportation of food, beverages and agricultural toys, games and sports metals and mineral chemicals.

5. Globalspec

GlobalSpec is knows as one of the most professional electronics and industrial obtaining websites of all times. It is currently the fastest growing technology B2B marketplace and the mainstream B2B platform in the United States. It mainly provides machinery, industrial parts and 3 ply mask related services to the North American as well as Asian markets. This B2B platform attaches potential buyers and suppliers around the world, allowing both parties to trade products with the maximum convenience.

6. Alibaba

Alibaba is the first business of Alibaba Group and is currently the world’s leading cross-border B2B e-commerce platform. It mainly helps domestic companies develop foreign trade wholesale business and open up overseas buyers. Alibaba International Station focuses on serving small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. On this platform, Medical Mask buyers and sellers of other products can more effectively find the right counterparty online, and complete transactions more quickly and with confidence. In addition, the one-stop customs declaration, tax rebate, logistics and other services provided by Alibaba’s comprehensive foreign trade service platform make it easier and smoother for foreign trade enterprises in the export circulation.

7. Global Sources

Global Sources is a multi-channel B2B media company that was established in Singapore in 2000 to promote foreign trade in the Greater China region. The company’s core business is to promote the export trade of Asian countries through a chains of different products, including Global Sources website, print and electronic magazines, procurement information reports, 3 ply mask buyer special procurement meetings, and trade shows. Global Sources is famous for its quality suppliers from different industries. Many Chinese manufacturers pay high entry fees in order to become suppliers on this portal. Globalsources showcased many manufacturers and suppliers, mainly from China. The platform is related to international trade fairs in Hong Kong. Well-known manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong will all participate.

8. Ecvv

Ecvv is a world-renowned and practical B2B website, and it is the most concerned B2B website among the world’s famous B2B. Ecvv is committed to collecting and analyzing buyer data from all over the world. The Ecvv website cooperates with many powerful group organizations in the world. It is specially set up for small and medium enterprises and focuses on exports. It has become the world’s leading B2B website and the most popular foreign trade B2B by foreign trade companies. For many years, Ecvv has been in contact with 240 suppliers, Face mask buyers, manufacturers and importers around the world with a unique and powerful business matching engine and efficient promotion tools.Ecvv is a globally well-known and practical B2B website. It ranks among the best in the world’s famous B2B. Ecvv has been committed to the collection and analysis of global buyer data, and the Ecvv website, which has formed alliances with many powerful group organizations around the world, is specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and is export-oriented. It has become the leader and the most popular B2B website in the world. One of the foreign trade B2B websites popular with foreign trade companies.
At Ecvv, more than 7 million companies sell their products internationally in more than 240 countries, find buyers, and develop international business opportunities by using Ecvv.

9. EBay

EBay is not only an auction for individual stations, in addition to the fact that on eBay B2C, C2C and B2B transactions are pretty much active. Every category of eBay has a wholesale zone where you can broadcast information, and many Disposable Mask buyers and sellers in eBay have surprisingly large purchases. The scale is no less than Globalsource. Through the most efficient navigation system at the bottom of the eBay homepage, you can enter 26 different countries to publish your information regarding wholesale.

10. EC Plaza

Ecplaza was founded in 1996 and is the world’s most prestigious business-to-business e-commerce trade website. KTNET directly under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Korea is the parent company of ECPLAZA. Since its establishment in 1990, KTNET has been engaged in providing trade-related EDI (Electronic Data Interchange System) and business information technology services, overseas marketing, electronic trade, program construction, DB business, multilingual website production, and graphic design. It is the most successful in the world One of the B2B companies. The number of website members has exceeded 1,000,000. EC Plaza is mainly engaged in export marketing, but it not only provides B2B platforms, EDI services and trade consulting services, but also provides offline trade-related services for SMEs as well as potential Face mask buyers all across the globe. The EC Plaza website has more than 4 million suppliers, the number of suppliers in the world.

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