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Top Benefits of Adding Annual Flowers to Your Lawn

The term annual describes those lawn flowers that complete their life cycle in one growing season. When seeds are planted in the spring, the plants grow, flower, set seed and then die after the frosts in the fall. Annual flowers can be classified based upon their tolerance to and the ability to withstand cold. It is useful to understand how they are classified based upon their tolerance to the cold season. There are different types of annual flowers available that can transform the look, feel, and ambiance of your garden in no time. Take a look:

Hardy annuals: They can stand the coldest and tolerate cold soil, cool air, and light frosts without being damaged. Some of the examples of these flowers are ornamental cabbage and kale, snapdragon, pansy, sweet alyssum, calendula, and dusty miller. They can be planted about four weeks before the frost-free date.

Half-hardy annuals: They can tolerate cool soils and cool air, but they can get damaged by frost. Some of the examples are geranium, dianthus, ageratum, lobelia, petunia, and gazania. They can be planted about two weeks before the frost-free date.

Tender annuals: They need warm soil and warm air temperatures to grow properly. They do not tolerate any frost. If they are installed too soon into cold soil, they tend not to do much growing until the warm temperature provided. Begonia, vinca, coleus, zinnia, salvia, and impatiens are some of the examples.

Planning to beautify your lawn? Looking for a garden upgradation? Choosing a professional contractor to install annual flowers is the best choice. There are plenty of benefits of adding these flowers to your garden or lawn. Here is the list of the top benefits of installing annual flowers:

•    They help in filling your perennial flower bed by filling blank spaces near the front of the bed while your perennials grow in the background.
•    They can be installed to create a colorful garden or lawn.
•    They produce several beautiful and eye-catching flowers all season long. It keeps your garden looks lush and colorful.
•    Zinnias, summer snapdragons, and asters are great cut flowers.
•    They have few pests and disease problems.
•    They have a vase of fresh-cut flowers that can create an amazing garden.
•    Bees and butterflies need them to get as do the hummingbirds.

Flowers like kale, ornamental cabbage, and pansies can be planted in the late fall and die in the spring. Summer selection can include plants like impatiens, petunias, and ornamental peppers. They are planted in the spring. They bloom in the summer season or fall and then die once their season is over.

Proper installation and maintenance of a garden or lawn full of beautiful flowers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Your negligence can ruin the overall beauty of your lawn. Hence, choosing professionals for proper installation and maintenance is highly important. As said earlier, there are several landscaping companies that specialize in providing outstanding planting & flower design services at great prices. Having years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, these companies offer top-notch services to transform the beauty of your garden, lawn, or backyard.

Proper installation is highly important. Right from annuals, perennials, trees to shrubs, all require special care and need during the installation. Also, their needs vary within these respective groups. Professional contractors have the knowledge of almost all trees, bushes, and perennials. They have experience in unusual planting like urban rooftop landscape, streetscape, commercial atriums, and stormwater wetlands mitigation. By choosing the right professional, you can get superior landscaping design services at highly attractive prices.

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