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Top Billing Issues for Towing Companies

Have you ever been worried by the thoughts of having to deal with the various billing issues that may arise for you as a towing service provider? That’s completely normal. Every tow truck service owner or manager has to go through these kinds of thoughts, and it’s normal to be like that. However, to be able to avoid these issues from affecting your roadside assistance service, you must be aware of the top billing issues that might arise. So today, we are going to discuss the top billing issues for towing companies.


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Having to Deal With Claims:

While providing an affordable or cheap towing service, several incidents may occur and in most of them, the driver of the truck would be held responsible for it. If your truck’s driver is held responsible, you’d have to compensate for the loss. 

Some of the Incidents That May Occur are:
  • While the driver of the towing truck is changing lanes, a car being towed may strike another car parked alongside it.

  • Due to the poor driving of the truck driver, the towed car may drift into the next lane and hit an oncoming vehicle.

  • A towed vehicle may unhook and hit an oncoming vehicle, and as a result, causing damage to the vehicle.

  • The driver may oversteer at a turn and hit a pedestrian. 

In all of the above-mentioned incidents, the driver is held responsible for not being so careful as needed. Since all of these accidents are related to bad towing procedures or immature truck driving skills, it’s comparatively easier for the owner of the vehicle to get compensation for the damage incurred. However, if there are other factors involved in the accident, rather than just simple driving and towing negligence, it’d be harder for the owner of the vehicle to claim compensation.

In any case, the owner of the vehicle may reach out to their insurance provider and file a legal complaint against your towing service. If the extent of damage caused to the vehicle being towed is very extreme, or if the vehicle is very costly or a rare one, they may take some more complicated steps and file a larger claim against you. With that being said, it’s essential for your towing service firm to deal with claims like these to maintain better relationships with your customers.

Charging Fees on The Spot:

Another one of the issues that may arise for towing service providers is to pay a charged fee on the spot. In case of any damage caused to the customer’s vehicle or any other scenario, the driver may have to pay the charge fee on the spot. That might not be the ideal solution as the driver is not the person responsible for paying fees and other monetary matters. 


Billing issues may arise here and there while having to provide various services like towing and wrecker services. These billing issues may be dealt with field management software like fieldd. In addition, your towing service must use the best drivers in order to reduce the probability of incidents, and as a result, reduce the probability of having to deal with billing issues. For speedy business and transactions, free blank invoice templates are considered effective.

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