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Top Communication Methods For Your Business

Communication is one of the hardest skills to master in your life. So many people don't understand what it involves. While social media has made people more connected, it has also made people so reliant to their smartphones and other mobile devices. Here are some of the best communication methods and strategies that can show you how to communicate effectively.

Listening Skills

One of the best methods for effective communication starts with your listening skills. It's important to understand the individual before speaking to that person. Listening allows you to focus on that party's capabilities, intentions, and motivations. This allows you to respond in an appropriate manner.

Listening with intent leads you to match their effective points in the right response, leading to high-quality communication. More people would rather focus on their thoughts while the other party is communicating their feelings. You then stop reading or listening. This leaves you feeling completely left out of the conversation.


The next method of effective communication is clarity. This means making your subject as well as your statements regarding the subject as clear as possible. Not enough clarity is the cause of miscommunication problems and grave misunderstandings within interpersonal relationships.

For verbal communication, proper articulation and enunciation are key to maintain clarity of speech. In each of your written communications, whether it's via e-mail or Nextiva fax, it's important to answer the Five Ws and one H.

Organized & Logical Approach

Clarity should include a communication style that involves an organized and logical approach. The underlying key to this method is adequate preparation. One approach to this method is to stick to the point and be clear about that subject before moving to the next topic. When you're explaining a project, the best approach is to address the problem as well as the reason behind that problem.

Then you can discuss the alternative approaches, address the best approach, and explain the steps for reaching that approach. The second part of this process includes a step-by-step process of the objectives and the means for achieving it. This will make you appear organized and prepared for handling these types of conversations. This approach is focused on how to fulfill objectives.


Using the right amount of words to maintain clarity requires using the least amount of words to convey your message. For example, using long and descriptive sentences will further complicate problems. The best method is to avoid phrases or words that don't provide any meaning. Don't include filler or redundant phrases in your sentences. Removing these words and phrases will add more power to your message.

Situational Analysis

Situational analysis is a little-known secret to effective communication. Each situation will require a different communication style. An effective communication method is one that adjusts to the style and the situation. For example, business communication requires more of a formal communication style and avoidance of slang words. When it comes to verbal communication, raising the pitch for each of the words in a sentence can convey a different meaning.


Feedback is one of the best ways to ensure that your recipient understood your message. There are several ways to get feedback to improve communication. One way to receive feedback is to encourage all parties to ask a question to help clear up any confusion or misconceptions. You should also notice the body language and visual cues.

A blank expression means that the individual didn't understand your message. A confused expression could suggest great misunderstanding or a lack of eye contact reveals a lack of interest in the conversation taking place. Meanwhile, a definite head nod indicates that the person understands while fidgeting in one's chair implies that the individual is distracted or not interested.

The important thing you should do is to never stop learning these techniques. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they learn these communication methods. After they become effective communication, they feel that they no longer need practice. If you stop learning, you'll have a difficult time communicating.

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