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Top Diet App Ideas in Which Business can Invest

Busy, don’t have time to do exercise? It's hard to jump out of your bed to do the workout in the morning. Right! But, wellness and healthy lifestyle is everyone’s choice. You join a gym, a fitness guru or yoga classes. But, are you regular with your classes? Maybe not.

If you can't join a gym, then it is recommended for you to do install some of the fitness apps. They keep track of your day-to-day life activities the whole day. Some apps come with the best exercise tips and diet plan for you. Some of them are Fitness, GymPact, RunKeeper etc.

Here are the few tips for the business firms, who are planning to launch a fitness or diet app. Here we are giving you a fitness app idea which you can use to develop diet and fitness apps for your next project.

Let’s start with our first idea to develop a Fitness app.

Count your Calorie

Calorie app is the counter of your calorie intake in a whole day. The main motive of this app is to measure your calories intake and burned calorie in a day.

How does it work? Users just have to set your goal and it asks them about your daily diet and food intake. After that, it calculates their calorie. It also helps to plan their food routine by analysing their daily activities.


MyFitnessPal: Compelled us to put it on our list, excellent features and a true guide for your health. One of the top Health and Fitness app in 2018. With millions of users, and 500 food database. It works incredible,  it tracks their food, water consumption and their activity. They can track their food calorie anywhere anytime.

Meal Planning app

These types of apps help the users to plan the calories intake before eating them. They set their diet plan for a day, week or month on the basis of their weight loss goal, and food preferences. This way it calculates their total calorie, carbs intake and suggests them further exercise etc. it also gives the options to choose the recipes from app’s recipe book or they can add their own.


Eat this much, diet assistant, Lose it Eat this much: It helps them to reach their weight loss or gain goal. Create a personalised meal plan based on food choices, budget and schedule. It is available free on the Google store. For iOS and Android.

MarketPlace App

 People like personal attention or guidance, who can give them proper suggestions and diet tips. This type of apps does the same thing for them. It offers them a personalised trainer. Example: Rise. This app provides a trainer who keeps an eye on their diet. They can choose their coach themselves from the list of coaches. The suggested coaches are listed for the particular purpose and they are with you every time, wherever they go. But, this is available only for the iPhone.

Special Diet

To be unique and new invest your time and money on making an app for some particular users such as pregnant lady, diabetes people etc calculating their blood pressure and sugar level. Example: Rise, Kegel Trainer etc.

To know more about the fundamental principles of body building diet plan "Check out the post right here"

Betting App

It an interesting idea to invest your money where users are competing with themselves. They bet a certain amount of money which will be refundable if they achieve their fitness goal. They bet a certain amount of money setting a certain amount of weight loss goal in a certain time. If they win, their money is back. Others players can too join the game. If more than one person won the race then money prize is divided among the winners.

Example: DietBet, Healthy wage and GYM pact. We hope these ideas of an app must be helpful for you. If you need any further help then do contact Envertis, a Sydney based mobile app development company.

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