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Top Facts About Windscreen Replacement And Windscreen Replacement Cost

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Driving a car with a broken windscreen barring the visibility of the driver is a sure recipe for disaster. It is obvious that the car is of no use if there is no clear view of the front. This is the main function of the windscreen- protecting from the elements while providing visibility.

It is not 100% sure that the windscreen of a car will not crack ever in its lifetime. A simple thing as a stone kicked up by the wheel can form a crack. It is a normal experience that chips and pitting can be created on the windscreen surface.
Through vehicle flexing or changes in temperature, chips can develop into a crack which needs replacement of the windscreen. It is possible that windscreen replacement cost may be covered by insurance, with a deductible.
In case you don’t possess insurance for windscreen replacement, there would be wide variation in cost based on the model and make of your car. Cost of replacement can come in a range from $200 to over $1000.
What is a Windscreen?
A windscreen is much more than just a curved sheet of glass or a window in front of the occupants. The windscreen is a key component for the structural integrity of the vehicle, which supports the roof of the car and adds rigidity in case the car topples over.

The windscreen is made of 2 sheets of glass with a clear layer of plastic in between. These layers are fused together in a process called lamination, which offers strength to the layers of glass.
 A smashed windscreen reveals that it is the laminating process which keeps the glass pieces together and avoids thrusting of glass projectiles onto the driver and other occupants of the car.
It is also important that the windscreen must not obstruct the view. Chips in the line of view of the driver can block or distort the view of the road. It also compromises the integrity of the windscreen, and so it is vital to replace the windscreen.
Signs for Replacement
*Never ignore a chip since it can grow into something bigger.
*A chip requiring the repair needs to be smaller than 2.5 cm. Anything bigger needs a full replacement.
*Chips cannot be within 3 cm of the edge of the windscreen if it is going to be repaired.
*Chips or cracks in the line of sight of the driver cannot be bigger than 10mm.
*There are one or more cracks of 30 mm long on the driver’s side of the windscreen.
*There is a crack on the driver’s side, longer than 75 mm, extending to the edge of the windscreen.
*A star or bruise more than 16mm in diameter.
*Any other damage that blocks the vision of the driver.
How is Replacement Performed?
*First, the glass technician gets out the trim surrounding the outside and inside of the windscreen perimeter, along with the mirror for rear-view.
*Using a wire saw, the sealant upon the perimeter of the windscreen is cut.
*The technician, with the help of an assistant, removes windscreen that is damaged, using suction cups of industrial-strength with handles.
*As for the old sealant, it is cleaned, and a fresh bead of sealant is applied to the mounting surface.
*A fresh windscreen is fitted into place and seated onto the sealant.
*The trim is refitted to the interior and exterior.
*The windscreen is secured with adhesive tape till sealant cools.
*Any damage to the windscreen must be addressed asap since it impacts the structural integrity of the vehicle.
*Always rely on a professional for the job to avoid wind noise, water leaks as well as the potential of glass to come loose.
Why to Replace?
*It obstructs the line of vision of the driver causing more scope for accidents.
*It impacts the structural integrity of the vehicle.
*It Increases chances of endangering car passengers in case car rolls over.
Average Cost of Replacement
On average, windscreen replacement cost ranges from $200 to $1000. The price depends on the type of damage, type of car, type of glass chosen and brand of service chosen. Repairs cost is much less than replacement. Glass that needs moulding costs more.

The replacement cost also depends on whether the windscreen is of the front or the back. Generally, front windscreens are costlier to repair than back windscreens.
These are all some top facts about windscreen replacement of your vehicle.

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