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Top Features Of the Best Floor Mats For Trucks

Best Floor Mats

Floor mats used in trucks and cars tend to serve as doormats. Hence, the ones to select for your vehicle need to withstand mud, slush, food spills, liquid spills, and sand. They should be designed to withstand these issues and also need to be cleaned easily. Some features to look out for in floor mats for trucks are given below:

  • Offer protection to factory carpeting beneath: Custom mats should be used for your truck or car’s floor design and it should offer optimum coverage.
  • Poor weather protection: Winter muck in cold countries includes grimy mud, ice melting road salt and abrasively gritty cinders/sand. All-weather, deeply grooved mats are designed from durable synthetic rubber. They can trap spills and muck effectively and also be soft to touch.
  • Utility: Floor mats that are designed exclusively for ‘utility’ need to withstand heavy usage for long periods. It should not develop imperfections or holes, which might compromise its functions.
  • Kid protection: Spills and messes are quite common if there are kids traveling in your vehicle. Deeply grooved mats are recommended as it holds liquids in large amounts. Soft mat surface is available for your child’s delicate elbows and knees.

About The Pricing Of the Best Floor Mats For Trucks

There are several brands and models of floor mats designed exclusively for trucks, cars and other vehicles available easily in the market. Also are present floor mats that can be custom created to suit your specific vehicle model and make. This can cover the optimum area. Floor mat pricing structure for trucks is given below:

Mats For Trucks
  • $9 to $20: They are those typical cheap floor mats created from fabric. It is an ideal price range if you are short on budget and still eager to protect your car’s carpet.
  • $29 to $40: In this range, you can come across heavy-duty floor mats and snow mats exclusively designed for trucks. There are offered rubber and vinyl floor mats within this range. It is geared to serve specific applications like off-roading or all-weather driving.
  • $40 to $125: In this price range, you can come across floor mats which are custom contoured to suit your interior space. Although is a bit expensive, it is worth the investment as it is of superior quality and also durable. This is the best choice if lots of wear is put onto the floor mats.

Why do you need truck mats

If you own a truck, you do require a floor mat. Installing it in your truck, not only makes it stylish but also a lot safer and better. The floor mats are required for the following reasons:

truck mats
  • Helps maintain clean vehicle: The interior carpet is likely to accumulate dried mud, dirt, twigs, etc. Cleaning them without having the facility to remove the mat can be a tough task. Fortunately, mats help to avoid such hassles.
  • Appears pretty: Custom mats do enhance the truck’s interior appearance. They can be functional and beautiful.
  • Safeguard & improves truck value: Mats do protect the vehicle from wear & stains. Replacing a mat is much easier than redoing the entire carpet. Custom-fit mats do add protection, comfort, and luxury to the vehicle and increase its value.
  • Keeps you safe: Installing superior quality custom mat ensures it is in place throughout the driving session and not slip, thereby protecting you.
  • Protects cargo areas: If there is a lot of moving and hauling, then custom fit cargo mats do make a huge difference. The tufted, woven carpets can hide dirt, absorb snow and water better when compared to a rubber mat.

How do you dry a car seat after it rains

There are times, when your car seats may get soaked with rainwater or by accident. Whatever be it, this moisture is to be eliminated and the seats dried immediately, say within 24-48 hours. Otherwise, moisture present may cause unwanted smells or growth of moulds over time. Even leather or vinyl car seats should not allow penetration of moisture. Following are the methods to dry the car seat if it gets wet:

  • Open up car doors and allow air to cross-ventilate in & out of the vehicle to quicken up the drying process.
  • Remove excess moisture using carpet extractor from car seats. Press extractor mouth firmly against the upholstery surface. Then move it slowly across seats to eliminate excess liquid. The machine will pull liquid within the tank to store it.
  • Lay paper towel sheets in two layers across the seats. Press with finger to eliminate excess moisture from the surface. Allow it for approximately 6-8 hours to soak up moisture.
  • Place bonnet blow dryer on the seat. For a couple of hours allow the surface to dry with it. Bonnet dryer will cover more area than a standard blow dryer while distributing hot air all over the car.

How do you clean car mats in the winter

Cleaning the car mat during winter or any other season is not tough. You can undertake a few things to clean your plastic/rubber floor mat:

  • Rubber mats can be found to be made from different materials. But cleaning involves similar steps. Rather than using vinegar or cleaner only, dishwashing liquid or laundry powder can be mixed with equal amounts of water.
  • Remove floor mats and rinse it using a high-pressure hose to eliminate dust & dirt. It should be rinsed first to ensure the brush does not come into contact directly with dirt.
  • Dip the brush into the soap-water mixture and scrub harder the floor mat. This will ensure dried up stains are removed. Optimize the use of brush and scrub mat corners and on both sides.
  • Once the mat has been scrubbed clean enough, then rinse it with a high-pressure hose. This way, both soap, and dirt gets removed. If stubborn stains are still present, then give it additional scrubs.
  • Spraying vinegar on damp rubber or plastic floor mats is an additional step. It helps the mat to be clean. Also, the stench emitted by the floor mat vanishes after a while.
  • As plastic and rubber mats can be wiped dry, use a microfiber towel. They can also be kept in the sun for some time to dry.
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