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Top Features to Find in Project Management Software


Project management software can help improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. Not all systems are created the same. The best one depends on the features that you need in your business operations. To help determine the right choice for you, here are some of the features to look for in a project management system.


Your needs may be different from another company, which is why you need to look for a system that you can customise to meet your specific requirements. For instance, you need to show specific fields on your reports, or you wish to personalise your quotes and other documents by putting in your logo or business header; the system must allow you to do that. It should also let you easily export data from a different application that you use or even allow you to integrate the tools you are currently using for your convenience.


A successful project requires the teamwork of everyone involved, and this is something that your chosen software must have. It will be easier to keep all members informed of important matters, and they will also get the answers they need right away. The management and staff involved in the project can work more effectively as they will know what’s happening, and they will be transparent with their objectives.


Communication within the company is vital as this can make or break the project. Members should get crucial information on time, and this is possible with a useful communication tool incorporated in the system. Prompt and effective communication with customers is also vital for their satisfaction. Some project management systems like the one that you will find at eworksmanager.co.uk have built-in CRM or customer relationship management features that let you efficiently manage client communication, including chat, email, and calls. It also allows historic data, so your people will know what transpired in the previous discussions, so they can better serve clients.


Every job may require specific people to do it. The right project management application will let you conveniently assign tasks to the individuals that you know are fit for the job. You or the management should have a thorough understanding of the skills of your staff, so you will know who to send on specific assignments.


Another vital feature to find in the system is monitoring. It should let you track various things, such as your resources, budget, and employees. You need to be up to date with your inventory to ensure that you have enough materials or equipment to use on your projects. Budget monitoring is also essential to ensure that you are not going over what’s intended for a specific job. Employee monitoring helps you determine if your staff are working on time and see the progress of their work.

File sharing

There may be documents and information that you need to share among members, and you can do this more conveniently with a project management system. Authorised people will have access to these files anytime they need it.

Aside from these features, it’s also essential that the system is user-friendly. Employees have different levels of technical skills, and the software must be straightforward so that it will be easier and faster for users to familiarise themselves with it.

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