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Top Five Apps to Grow Your Business

Trying to get into the entrepreneurial mind-set requires a massive commitment!

There are so many different tasks that you must be accountable for as a self-starter. Today, technology in our mobile devices has come leaps and bounds in the past 20 years, and now we're more connected than ever. With these apps, you will be able to manage clients, productivity, efficiency, and overall customer relationship management (CRM) all from outside your own home.

The game of business is changing, and if you’re not taking advantage of the technology, you could be easily left behind. Here are the top five apps to help you accelerate your growth away from the desk.


If you’re sick of having loose pieces of paper and notes lying around, Evernote is your answer. Use the Evernote app to organize your business. Whether it’s websites for later reference, screenshots, emails, notes, lists or ideas, this app comes in handy. Utilize Evernote to organize all your business information and details.

Cam Scanner

CamScanner is a useful convenience tool that is perfect for document sharing on-the-go. You can take a picture of almost anything and convert them into JPG or PDFs for your business needs. The cloud storage also gives you tons of space, so easy accessibility for anyone. This is perfect for filing receipts or keeping important documents handy on your phone.

These apps offer different tools that are essential to staying organized, networking and keeping important documents on hand. If you need help in efficiency in any area of your business, look at your weakest link, and consider any of the apps above and which ways they can best help you get a leg up on your goals.

Quikflw is one of the greatest mobile apps and allows you to create professional quotes and proposals all at ease from your smartphone. It helps you simplify and speed up your sales process, so you can get ahead of the competition. Their online quotation software ensures that you have all the information you need ready to add into your quotes and produce professional proposals in seconds.

Quikflw is perfect for business owners who have repeat business, have difficulty creating estimates for clients regularly, and to ensure that your proposals look neat and professional always. Quikflw is offering a free trial right now as well, so you can see for yourself why entrepreneurs trust using Quickflw for all its CRM needs.


If you ever have trouble recording all your expenses and keeping them in order, you need to try out Expensify. Expensify helps track expenses, records purchase data, makes reports, and helps reimburse employees.

This is very important especially if you are using multiple credit cards and methods of keeping expense reports, and you don’t want to miss out on anything for tax reasons at the end of the year. All the purchasing data can be sent to multiple lines so that the right people in your finance team can properly use the data for reporting.


Most people know LinkedIn from its web browser page, and using it to post and show people your extensive portfolio online, but the app is becoming a great new way to use all of its features to the best of its capability.

With LinkedIn app, you can network with clients, send messages to partners, vendors, and potential employees all with the ease of your smartphone. Creating a LinkedIn page for your business also gives it more recognition, and the ability of like-minded entrepreneurs to better find your location. LinkedIn works perfectly on iOS and Android phones.


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