Top Five Qualities Of A Great Business Leader


Successful businesses take a brilliant idea, proper execution, years of dedication, and a great leader to spearhead the plans. The company can have hundreds of employees who are all devoted to working, but what they need is someone who can give them direction. That is what leaders are for.

What sets a leader apart from a manager?

An employee with management skills and the ability to come up with plans gets promoted to be a manager. However, a leader is not a post that anyone can be promoted to. It is someone that can lead people and the organization at the same time. Being a leader like Charles Field Marsham is a responsibility that you need to embrace consistently even when you are facing different challenges. It is a role that you cannot pass on if you feel exhausted. As a leader, you need to see every discord and hurdle along the way so that you can create a better solution. A manager expects his employees to work according to the rules while a leader sets him as the example to follow the rules. 

Qualities of a Business Leader

The qualities required to become a business leader are collectively called leadership skills. Below are the five qualities of a great leader.


1. Passion - The driving force to reach success while giving out the best. His plans are not only about how he is going to come out on top; he is passionate about how he will lead his whole team to the top.

2. Anticipation - While leading a business, the leader is the first one to face a blow as soon as a problem occurs. Also, he is the first one to react when an opportunity presents itself. However, he needs to be ready before either of those things happens. That is why the ability to anticipate situations is a must in leaders.

3. Humility - This is one of the most important traits in a business leader. A leader like Larry Page does not make the employees work for him. He makes them want to work. This is possible only when the employees respect their leader. Respect is earned when the leader treats his subordinates fairly and genuinely. The leader must be humble and polite.

4. Innovative - A leader needs to come up with new ideas and solutions to push the revenue and profits higher. This requires him to be innovative. If any problem arises, he needs to be quick on his feet and be creative to present a feasible solution. Additionally, he should be able to review the pros and cons of his plans.

5. Trustworthy - What is a leader if not trustworthy? Only when the higher authority trusts him with the decisions and his subordinates trust his leadership, can a leader become great. One of the great leaders is Charles Field Marsham, co-founder of Field Marsham Foundation. The leader can easily direct the workforce towards the goals because his actions will not be questioned, enabling him to deliver fabulous results.


Leading a business is a great responsibility. It is upon the shoulders of the leader to guide the company towards success. Only a few can become great leaders. It is their abilities, passion, and dedication that helps them grow and take the business to success.