Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Top Five Reasons You Should Buy a Rugged Tablet

Already have a tablet or laptop? We bet it's nothing like a rugged tablet or laptop. Here are five reasons why swapping your standard android or apple portable device for a rugged version is a great idea.

1. Rugged Tablets are Durable and Resilient

Available from a variety of different brands, from market leaders such as Panasonic and Dell to Xplore and Getac, rugged electronics are some of the most reliable and shock proof on the market. Built to withstand water, moisture, dust and other disruptive elements, these devices provide all the processing power you need with added resilience. Atex Rugged Tablets are some of the best on the market, creating a robust and durable product that can easily be customised to your individual specifications. Available with a range of ports and options to add integral cameras and finger print recognition readers, these rugged notepads also come with a range of add-ons such as vehicle mounting and different charging solutions.

2. Rugged Electronics are Great for Business Users

Rugged electronics are also a fantastic choice for business users, particularly for those who work in outdoor, hectic environments such as construction. Suitable for use in all weather, rugged devices are great for on-site use and although they can sometimes cost more upfront, this cost is balanced out by how little they break or require replacement. Most come with excellent, uncompromised screen quality even in the most challenging of weather conditions with the help of anti-glare screen technology. Compact and easily portable, these devices are the perfect business tool on the go.

3. Rugged Laptops are Great for All the Family

As rugged electronics can withstand an impressive amount of knocks, they are great for younger users who may be more prone to dropping and throwing their devices. In general, they are more study than your usual tablet or laptop which can make them easier to hold and use for little hands. This doesn't mean that they are any less portable than your usual device and many come with an even longer battery life.

4. Rugged Electronic Devices are Waterproof

Rugged devices are ready for anything. Put through rigorous testing processes to make sure they are military grade, they are ideal for those who work in very high and low temperatures. Immune to the damaging effects of moisture, rugged devices combine some of the most up to date internal processing technology with the best built exteriors.

5. Where to Find Rugged Tablets for Sale

Rugged tablets are for sale at all your usual electronic outlets and with plenty on the market to choose from with a wide range of specifications available, you can easily find the right rugged device to fit your needs.


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