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Top Healthcare Mobile App Developers in USA

Many people nowadays are relying on the mobile health care options. In the recent past, there has been a rise of usage of these mobile or telehealth care services, including virtual doctor appointments, video calls and medicinal prescriptions. With everything being on the highroad of digitizing, this sector was not meant to be left behind. In fact, mobile health care applications are one of the essential developments in the field of app developments.

Are you planning to create an online presence with your business and struggling to decide whether or not should you get a mobile app, website or a web app? This article is going to help you decide your needs according to your business nature as well as the key functionalities and pros in these applications.

What is mobile healthcare app?

Mobile healthcare applications are special software developed to run on either iOS or android devices. Consumers can use these apps in order to manage and keep a track of their own and other’s health symptoms. Such apps are great in monitoring every day heart, oxygen or pulse rates. Some other devices and gadgets like fit bit wrist bands and smart watches are also connected with these apps and regulate daily calorie burn and step counts.    

Top mobile healthcare app developers

In this article, we have listed down the top app developers in USA, in the field of healthcare.


  1. It is an award winning mobile app design and development company.
  2. Citrusbits has worked for more than 300 applications for fresh startups and newly setup companies.
  3. It has also made some of the most promising health tech and healthcare companies.
  4. This app design and development company has also collaborated with prestigious institutes like john Hopkins university for an app development which focuses on analyzing patient’s eyes.


  • Topflight is a team of product design, with UI/UX designers, full-stack developers and entrepreneurs, working on web and mobile applications.
  • The company’s headquarters is in Irvine, California, but they subsidiaries work in 10 other locations as well.
  • The company motto is to bring purpose to life, whether its financial or business growth.
  • Like Citrusbits, Topflight has also developed an app called iFaint, in collaboration with Stanford university of medicine.
  • For participants in a medical study on fainting, the app delivers relevant data visualizations and a dashboard.
  • The iFaint app for iOS and Android Use Health kit and google fit to include data from wearable gadgets.

Blue whale apps

  • Blue whale apps company is a professional app developer in New York, committed to the process of creating mobile applications that assist businesses in effectively marketing their message.
  • They have experts on staff who create mobile applications for a variety of platforms.
  • For instance, business, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle and more.
  • Blue whale apps attempt to deliver hybrid smartphone apps that are cross platform, for all sorts of clients, regardless their company size.
  • Their methodology can be put in to the following word: ‘you provide idea and we bring it to life’

Creative 27

  • Creative 27 is a cutting edge app development and design company that has been making a significant mark on the app development industry and earning plenty of new prestigious titles.
  • Creative 27 offers a variety of services, including mobile app design and development, marketing as well as branding services.
  • Creative 27 has established strong expertise in this sector since the internet health business has risen in the last decade. MedCircle, an app that links patients and health care practitioners, and life speed, an app that tracks personal medical data, are among creative 27 healthcare apps.

End user’s preferences are taken into account in mobile applications based on their concerns and interest. The mobile app for startups suggests personalized material based on user choices, however a website cannot provide personalized data like a mobile app.

  • Convenience

According to studies, people spend 18 times more time on mobile applications than on websites. Because mobile apps are more convenient to access and accessible through any device at any time, people tend to rely on them more. 

  • Works online and offline

A lot of mobile apps have features that are pre-loaded and works fine even without have any internet connectivity. This feature is by far one of the best in mobile apps and beats web applications.

  • Faster than web apps

With the latest technologies that are being used by app developers, mobile apps work way faster and has a better performance rate than web applications.

Web apps are software that run entirely through a browser. These applications are self-supported, meaning they don’t require to be downloaded or installed in your device to function. A web app can be in either single or multiple pages.


The aforementioned are some of the best and top-class mobile healthcare app developers’ available in USA. You can also search and find more in your nearby localities. But before choosing any healthcare app developer, don’t forget to look at their portfolio of previous work.

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