Top Home Renovation Ideas in Dubai 2021

Home Renovation

Dubai is rich in culture, history and traditions but you will see everything has a blend of traditional and cultural designs giving it a new look that shows a mix up of both old and new designs. As Dubai is a city with hustle and bustle, so everyone wants their house must look different and unique. For this purpose, there is a dire need for Home renovation Dubai from time to time to give your house a new look. As the interior design trends are changing in Dubai, so here are some latest trends that will be throughout this year.

Changing Color Scheme:

You can give your home a new look by changing its painting scheme or color. Bold colors were a good choice in the future but nowadays light and appealing colors are in trend. Like navy blue with a blend of light yellow. Using pale grey on walls will do blunders by looking elegant and decent. New trends have been introduced to give your house a warm look as light colors are fresh and cool to look at. The basic idea behind this color scheme change is to bring innovation and modernity to interior design.

Focus on Sustainability:

While changing your house decor or doing renovation one must know about accessories that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can use multifunctional furniture and other crafts that are made from environmentally friendly materials. These things are cheaper and le to add to our decorations.

A house is a place where you must feel at ease; only inventiveness and decorations that do not make you feel at ease might cause problems.

Use of Light Woods:

Another new trend is about changing the wood pattern. Furniture and crafts that are made of Light woods can add to the beauty and pleasant environment of your living area. This year will be all about Scandinavian and rustic designs which are a blend of modern and simple styles for the interior decoration of a house. The elements may include antiques, wooden dividers and other crafts or decoration pieces.


Maximalism is in Trend:

Before this, the trend was to use uniformity like you have to keep only specific items in the living room. But now the trend has been changed you can decorate your living space with anything of your choice. Wall decorations, different kinds of mats, handicrafts and other antiques all can be used to enhance the beauty of your living room.

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Vintage Look:

Classical interior design can never be outdated. It can be used for your living space with a touch of traditional and new look by blending both. For this look, use bright, vivid colors with traditional and retro pieces.

Grow plants:

Plants can simply add freshness and beauty to the decoration of a house. Both indoor and outdoor plants can be used for this. But an idea is to add some new ideas like adding some baskets, lights or making a pavilion. By growing plants, it will help in adding positivity and freshness to the environment of your house, also it will change the whole scenery of the home.

Decoration Pieces:

This is another idea to change the look of your home by hanging some decoration pieces.  They may vary in design and size. These may include a Chandelier, any kind of craft, wall decorations or some other. All these things should be adjusted in such a way that everyone entering r home must notice and it's not a to just place them into the corner.

Comfortable Corner:

A homemade is a place where you must feel comfortable, only creativity and decorations without feeling comfortable can cause trouble. Try to add some relaxing and soft touch to your interior design like using linen to your armchairs or any wooden texture to your living area furniture. Moreover, you can use rugs in the living room or any other thing while renovating.


These all ideas will help a lot in renovating a home and planning the interior design of a house. These are just basic ideas, professionals can also be hired for this process but you can also use your creativity and skills to plan the best interior.

Choosing the size of the picture is also very important, you need to know the area of your room to make it convenient to buy pictures and hang them most reasonably, for example, if the space is relatively tight, you should only Use only a rectangular picture just right behind the Table to create balance for your room. And if your room has a relatively large area, you can use many small pictures in combination with each other and arrange them according to your preferences, so that the room is more beautiful, you should use a ruler to align. Space between photos to make the room more symmetrical and harmonious.

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