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Top iOS app development trends that will dominate 2021

When it comes to iPhone application development, those in the industry are always keeping an eye out for the next big developments year by year. While we saw a great number of trends across the industry in 2020, it is time to look forward to the top iOS app development trends we can expect to see in 2021.

iPhone application development services are available just about anywhere in the world but keeping on top of the constantly developing trends can be a hassle. That is why we have put together this easy peruse list of iOS development trends that you can expect every iPhone app development company to be taking note of in 2021.

With continuous evolution in the iPhone application development space, it is always interesting to see what the industry will be looking to focus on in terms of iOS app developments. Here are some of the top iOS app development trends that will be dominating in 2021.

1: Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

In terms of trends that an ios app development company will be keeping an eye on, Cloud integrated iOS apps is certainly in the top trends that will dominate the industry in 2021. Cloud technology is a key way that allows individuals, organizations, and businesses a variety of ways to store and share data as they like with an emphasis on security.

In terms of iPhone application development services, Cloud integrated iOS apps have become a focus for app developers. According to Computing, 54% of IT functions in the UK are still being run completely on-premise. This begs the question of how and when Cloud integration will be more achievable for businesses.

Cloud integration has proven to be extremely effective, productive, and impactful for users and developers who provide iPhone application development services. Developers who work with and for an iPhone app development company can use Cloud integration to build iOS apps with:

·         Better security

·         Better efficiency

·         Complete online storage

·         Large amounts of data storage that can complete complex tasks

2: Wearable Apps and Integration

For developers that are working with an iPhone app development company, wearable apps and integration will be a dominate trend in the industry in 2021.  Wearable devices, like the Apple Watch, have become more and more mainstream in recent years.

Apps that are used on a daily basis include:

·         Fitness trackers

·         Heartrate monitoring

·         Messaging apps

·         Email

·         Reminders

Wearable apps and integration will be a key trend in 2021. With new developments being made, wearable iOS apps are always bringing new things to the forefront. Especially in terms of fitness and healthcare, users make heavy use of wearable technology.

By the end of 2020, the wearable device market saw total spending of $52 billion. This shows that more users are using wearable apps as time goes on and developers who provide iPhone application development services will want to work on developing apps in this particular space.

3: Internet of Things Enabled Mobile Apps

The Internet of Things has become an increasingly intrinsic part of our lives. So it is wholly unsurprising that the Internet of Things, the network of objects that allow pieces of technology to connect and exchange information, is going to be a dominant trend in 2021.

The Internet of Things allows users to easily share information across devices. No matter the industry, whether they are in technology, retail, security, or somewhere in between, Internet of Things-enabled mobile apps allow users to benefit greatly across the board.

Automated control is a big benefit to Internet of Things enabled mobile apps and those providing iPhone application development services are sure to see an increase in these kinds of apps in 2021.

4: Mobile Payment Options

Smartphones like the iPhone have provided new, unique ways for users to access payment options when they’re on the go. According to a report from Payments, Cards, and Mobile as of 2017, 87 million people worldwide were making use of Apple Pay.

For those working in iPhone application development, mobile payment apps will continue to be on the rise throughout 2021. Online banking and eCommerce is growing every year and more online payment options are being introduced.

Users find plenty of benefits in mobile payment apps such as:

·         Quick and secure

·         Convenient

·         Easy to access when on the go

iPhone App Development Services in 2021

For developers who work with an iPhone app development company, keeping on top of the trending developments in the industry can be key. Mobile apps are available in several online storefronts, from the Windows Store to the Apple App Store.

With apps being downloaded and used at any given time, the mobile app industry is constantly evolving. With the space of iPhone app development services’ constant evolution, developers and users alike will continue to see developing trends year by year.



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