Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Top-notch Test Management Tools for Your Business Application!

Let’s discuss the most high-profile Test management tools necessary for both Android and iOS apps to achieve app scalability, performance, and functionality. Because QA is the future!

The increasing competition of these apps is suggestive that there is no end to innovation. Therefore, app developers and testers should become more practical and quality-driven.

The App Store and the Play Store are loaded with numerous amazing applications in every category one can imagine. But the truth is these apps can crash if they fail to serve customer satisfaction. While bugs revealing randomly after the app release becomes another nightmare for the app owners.

To protect your app from any crash and failure, see the top-listed Test Management Tools in the market for a seamless customer experience and app progress:

Read on to know them: 

1. Kualitee

Kualitee is one of the most competent bugs tracking and management software. The tool has a variety of features that provide its users a comprehensive view of every detected defect. The defect understanding becomes even more feasible when the user views it via different formats and media. 

Furthermore, the key provisions of Kualitee include the very resourceful Information Rich Format and the interactive dashboard that allows the testers to find hidden bugs. 

Testers can easily track bugs by running multiple test cycles and trace as many bugs to prevent any poor user experience results.  

While integrations like JIRA, Jenkins, Redmine, and Bitbucket assist in detecting defects and creating custom bug reports accordingly. Keeping the quality maintained, the test management saves the testers from extra money and minute consumption. 

All and all, you would not have to recreate and re-run the test cycle to reproduce bugs. You can reuse them from the bug history for future purposes. This is how Kualitee saves the crucial hours and meets its purpose of quality.  

2. Backlog

Backlog is another popular bug and project management tool. Newbie testers can easily use the software since it has very easy and user-friendly controls. Users can detect, report, track bugs by just staying on one platform. Backlog provides an accurate bug history containing the everyday issue updates as well as any change in the status. Get more at the web series download website.

Testing and development teams use Backlog to collaborate and work with outside IT teams for high-end project delivery. It has its search engines, inbuilt Git and SVN, Gantt Charts and Burndown charts, Wikis and Watchlists, Native mobile apps, and much more.

3. GitHub

GitHub is a convenient defect and project management tool that helps testing teams in assigning tasks, tracking bugs, scheduling & running test cycles, reporting, and reviewing changes in the source codes. 

4. Mantis

Mantis is an easy-to-use bug management tool built and written in PHP. It allows testers to customize notification delivery, demonstrate testing fields, and control roles. It also helps the test teams to deliver tasks in time.  

Moreover, Mantis has a separate community forum where teammates bring ideas and gives feedback to help each other out on various tasks and activities related to perfect app creation. 

Mantis Hub is an advanced email delivery support and an information base featuring high-quality plugins for user assistance, chat integrations, and user import.  

5. BugZilla

BugZilla is an amazing tool that manages the test case and assures they are error-free. It is an open-source tool that delivers some incredible features to its users. These include email notifications for every change in a code/script, customized charts & reports, patch reviews. Furthermore, it helps in viewing and listing bugs in various formats, allows testers to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports, enables traceability of repeated bugs, prioritizes bug resolutions based on severity.

6. Redmine

Redmine is another competitive bug and defect management tool developed on the Ruby on Rails framework. It is an adaptable open-source tool that tackles multiple test management projects at a time. Interestingly, each project has its wiki that helps in managing the documentation, strategy, and history. It has its Gantt charts, SCM integration, role-defined access, multi-lingual system, versatile database support, calendar, manageable notifications, and flexible email delivery system. 

All these good options but you are still confused. Just select the number one test management app, assure the product quality, and live your app’s success every day!

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