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Top PPC Automation Tools To Try Out In 2021

PPC automation tools serve as great means of focussing on bigger marketing goals by bringing down the rate of manual intervention whether for stopping an ad from running or altering the target audience prior to the completion of the running cycle.

This growing marketing trend is expected to gain impetus in coming days. Today we are going to browse through some of the most intuitive and efficient PPC automation tools which can optimize your business.


It now becomes possible to undertake content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, competitor research and SEO using the single platform of Semrush.

This ingenious tool packs in about 40 different features for adding to the efficiency of growth hackers as they plan their campaign and check out the progress of competitors.

Marketers can gain access to 20 billion keywords, 17 billion URLs and 310 million ads crawled on a daily basis.

The data also gets analyzed at the backend for offering recommendations which can enhance your online visibility.

Its intuitive SEO tools can run technical SEO audits, analyze the domain’s backlink profile and track the SERP positions on a daily basis.

Even beginners can create high ranking content and improve it using real-time metrics. Actionable tips offered by the tool can help in creating SEO-friendly content while marketers get to track their content reach and brand mentions.

Thorough market research conducted by Semrush can unveil the competitor promotion strategies and your backlink gap while offering ideas on growing the market share.

PPC automation supported by Semrush can monitor your competitor’s landing pages and copies while offering the best keywords for different campaigns.


Improve sales performance and reach out to a wider group of audience by turning any feed into a smarter variant using Feeditor.

Marketers can completely eliminate the requirement of a developer for bringing down business expenses drastically.

You can access shoppers by banking on channels like Facebook, Amazon, Google Shopping in different countries.


Repetitive tasks can eat up a lion’s share of your valuable time. Zapier can automate repetitive tasks by establishing connections between 3000 different apps like Gmail, DropBox, Slack, Google Docs, Facebook Lead Ads etc. for streamlining your entire work procedure.

Workflows can be set up in three steps without the developer’s help by a few simple clicks. Primarily, a trigger is set in an app such as a new lead or email which launches Zap.

Next an action has to be selected which completes tasks by pulling data from other apps.

As Zap operates, it sends information securely and automatically from one app to another. Users can be completely guaranteed about data security as it is transferred between apps by banking on two factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption.

It also becomes possible to automate multiple tasks using a single trigger of multi-step Zaps.


PPC automation uses Machine Learning to help marketers exercise control over the Google ad campaigns.

This can keep them buffered from having to spend valuable time on updating the timing, scope and targeting.

The third-party automation tools can automate a variety of steps and systems for getting the hard work done in your favor.

Whether you wish to alter the target audience prior to completion of the running cycle or stop an ad from running on a certain day, the PPC automation tool can get it done for you.

Ongoing and long-term campaigns can benefit the most out of PPC automation tools by helping marketers make the most out of paid advertising for bringing along greater conversions as they won't have to engage in manual adjusting, activating and deactivating.

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