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Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development in 2018

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With time, the sector of mobile technology is advancing and it has been introduced to many latest technologies that have brought huge changes in this sector. In this year, you are going to observe some continuation and upgradation of a few trends that evolved in the past years along with some fresh and new trends. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Protection and Security, Bots along with Blockchain are some of the trends that are going to rule the mobile app development market in this year.

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Popular Programming Languages to Develop Mobile Apps

#1 Swift

Most of the iOS developers consider using this programming language for effective development of iOS applications. Swift has clean syntax. Hence, not only reading and the writing but understanding the code becomes significantly easier using this programming language. If the developers opt for Swift, they are going to avail the facilities such as impressive readability, easy maintenance, cost-saving speed, open source and safe platform etc. making the iOS app development process smoother.

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#2 Kotlin

Nowadays, the Kotlin programming language is becoming quite popular in the field of successful android app development. Why is this language trending in the market? Here are some reasons.

  • It is interoperable with the Java programming language.
  • It is extremely easy to do the set up for Kotlin.
  • Free from the issues caused by NPEs (NullPointerExceptions)
  • Kotlin includes the Synthetic extension making the entire coding environment a lot easier.
  • Diminishes the use of boiler plate coding.

#3 Objective-C

Even though after the Swift has been introduced in the market and it has successfully established a huge market base, Objective-C has not lost its popularity a bit. This veteran programming language is extremely useful and beneficial not only for effective mobile development but it is useful for the development of macOS as well. Moreover, it is backed by a huge community, diverse coding styles and plenty of proficient developers.

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#4 JavaScrip

The maximum part of today’s hybrid applications development is dependent on this immensely popular programming language i.e. JavaScript. For smooth backend development, it offers Node.JS framework, for powerful and effective frontend development, it offers frameworks such as Angular and React. This JavaScript programming language has made the mobile application development process so effortless that most of today’s best mobile app developers are prefering to use it.

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