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Top Qualities of a Good Vet

A great vet enjoys high esteem in the community, particularly with pet owners and animal lovers. They offer much-desired emergency and preventive care for all kinds of pets.

With so many vets out there, you may be confused about choosing one. Here are some tips to search for a good vet:

  • Neighbours are a good source for finding a vet as they are in the same locality as you and may be aware of local vets like St Kilda vet. One can identify pet owners simply by going for a walk in the neighbourhood. Ask him or her for a recommendation for a good vet.
  • Check out vet recommendations through social media. You can filter content and check out any stories about pet and vet experiences posted in the sites.
  • Ascertain official certifications of a couple of vets you narrowed down in the search.
  • Schedule an appointment: Check out the vet’s office whether it is clean and neat. Pay attention to the vibes shared by your pet with the clinic staff and the vet. Notice any negative vibes like barking or anxiety exhibited by the pet or a rapport established between them.

Now you are ready to understand the qualities of a great vet:

  • Quality of facility: Is the vet’s office accommodating, comfortable and sanitary?
  • The staff and vet: Are they knowledgeable, helpful and professional? Are they calm, nurturing and caring with the pet?
  • Location: How easy is to access the vet?
  • Convenience: Do they provide extra options like follow-up calls and house visits?
  • Personalization: How many vets are available and can you consult the same one, each time?
  • Communication: How prompt are they to scheduling appointments and providing reminders for vaccinations? Is the vet patient and clear about answering your queries?
  • Experience: How long have the vet and his clinic been in practice?
  • Business skills: Does the vet have sharp business skills?
  • Compassion: Is the vet compassionate towards pets and their owners? He must be able to put both at ease during an appointment.
  • Skills for customer service: A great vet has superlative customer service skills and can serve most needs of pet owners, especially those in distress about their pet’s condition.
  • Dedication: A great vet has an amazing sense of dedication with regard to his profession and is ready to devote his attention to long hours of study in college and continuing education.
  • Great manual skills and deftness: A good vet has high skills of manual dexterity. He can handle all sizes and types of animals. He can perform surgical manoeuvres and intricate procedures with ease.
  • Passion for animals: A great vet is passionate about animals and committed to providing great care.
  • Skills of quick decision making: A great vet is able to respond quickly to emergency situations and make quick decisions as needed.
  • Thorough knowledge: A good vet has extensive knowledge about time management skills and can balance the demands of a busy schedule of appointments.

In sum finding a good vet may take some time and efforts, but will be well worth it in the long term.

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