Top reasons for switching to an Instagram business profile


The business profile on Instagram was introduced back in the year 2016. At that time, the major concern of everyone was whether they should switch to a business account or maintain their personal accounts. Is it difficult to switch from a personal account to the business one? Not at all. It is the simplest thing to switch because Instagram allows you to do free conversion. At present, there are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram. There are a few brands or businesses who are hesitant about this change. They think that this conversion can possibly affect their following and user engagement but the fact is just the opposite. This conversion proffers the businesses lots of perks. The number of business profiles on Instagram is proof of this.

If you are a brand or business & still running a personal account on Instagram then you should think of doing this conversion. Switching to business account has lots of amazing benefits for you. This guide is specially formulated to make up your mind in this regard.

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Instagram Insights let you monitor your performance

Everyone who is going through the struggling phase needs to know whether their marketing efforts are effective or not. This is what you can find out with Instagram analytics. This option is only available with the Instagram business profile. The built-in analytical tools of the Instagram insights allows you to know about your performance i.e. about your followers & the way your posts are doing currently.

When it comes to your post, you can observe the likes, comments & shares to see how it is going. When it comes to your followers, you can get to know the group most of your followers belong to.


Schedule your posts on Instagram

This is the most amazing features you can use i.e. now you can schedule your Instagram posts. With this amazing facility, once you are done with scheduling, you will not get the notification anymore. Your planned post will be published without having to do anything from your end.

Create stories having links on Instagram

It is considered a good idea to add your website link to your bio. But now, you can also add important links to your Instagram stories as well. It helps you to increase your visitors at a good speed & consequently drive sales.

If you are one of such people who has been striving to read your e-newsletter or click on your links, these options may be the easiest for you to follow.  

Run ads & boost your Instagram posts

When it comes to expanding your exposure in a cost-effective way, post boosting & ads running are the two most amazing options. This feature is only available with the Instagram business profiles. It allows you to boost your engagement & more following for you.

The most amazing thing about advertising tools on Instagram is that it doesn’t only allow you to set up your marketing campaign to run it. Rather, it allows you to track them effectively as well.  

Shoppable posts allow you to sell on Instagram

This is the last but not the least perks you can enjoy with the Instagram business profile. You can tag your products along with shoppable posts to sell them directly. In this regard, make sure to have high quality & eye-grabbing photos along with these posts. Moreover, don’t forget to add relevant hashtags & attention-seeking captions. By tagging your products this way on Instagram, one can easily maximize online sales.

Concluding remarks – Improving overall engagement with business accounts

Switching from your personal Instagram account to the business Instagram account is just the right move. It allows you to gain access to a variety of features. All of them combine to boost your overall engagement level with your targeted followers & users. If you want to do the same, you can click here for an authentic resource. It allows you to make use of tools that boost your exposure. Other than this, it also gets you access to all those tools that enable you to assess your strategy for marketing on Instagram. In this way, you can easily modify your strategy to make it work effectively, whenever needed.

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