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Top reasons to do MBA from business school Netherlands


Study in Netherlands is quite a lucrative option for many. Universities in Netherlands are cosily tucked away offering numerous benefits that attract the international community. Here are five reasons to do an MBA from Netherlands

Top Colleges:

Universities in Netherlands are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by several ranking agencies. University of Amsterdam has been ranked 57th in the world, just to quote an example. Colleges in Netherlands live up to their reputation due to their international exposure, widespread use of English as well as the philosophy employed in teaching methods which focuses on three core ideas, being leadership, entrepreneurship, and at-the-helm approach

Courses and Languages:

The Dutch are bilingual wizards. English is almost a second language there. Unlike in Germany and France, there really is no immediate compulsion to learn the Dutch Language. This doesn’t of course mean that you don’t need to learn the Dutch language. It does certainly help if you have a working knowledge of Dutch, especially with the local artisans and grocers. Otherwise, universities in Netherlands have some of the highest number of courses that are taught in English. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find your course taught in English

Globalised Business Community:

Study in Netherlands offers you a unique position of entry into a global business community. The classes at universities in Netherlands can sometimes be as small as 12 people per class. This is because the Dutch believe in hands-on approach rather than conventional lectures. Therefore, this builds a close-knit community that helps the students in networking as well as forming new social relations for their lives outside the academics. The accommodation at these universities is also such that students tend to stay in housing accommodation rather than on-campus accommodation. Because of that, it provides additional networking that can fast-track a student’s career upon completion of his education.

Jobs and Connectivity:

Netherlands has been the house of several international brands such as Phillips, ING etc. whose multinational corporations provide the right exposure for students studying in Netherlands. Added to this is the fact that Netherlands is centrally located so that students can travel for their internships as well as other job prospects which allows them the opportunity to increase their attractiveness on the market. MBA in Netherlands also offers the idea of the big picture which becomes an asset in the long run. The exposure you get, as well as the networking help you identify you strengths and weaknesses and work on them because no one really develops in isolation

Other Practical Aspects:

The Immigration laws in Netherlands are remarkably relaxed compared to other countries. This helps the students in pursuing their MBA from universities in Netherlands with relative ease. This also ensures that there is a significant diversity at the university within the student community. This helps in broadening the perspective and understanding, something that is essential as a student. It also helps you polish your business English.

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