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Top Reasons To Get Bathroom Waterproofing Brisbane


There are times when people wonder, ‘if getting something done is important or not?'. If it is worth spending money on? This is to help understand why it is necessary to get bathroom waterproofing Brisbane done.

Here are the top reasons of bathroom waterproofing:

Prevents leakage: The water always finds the easiest way downwards through the quickest way possible. If there is a crack in the wall, floor or any gaps formed in the sealant between walls and bath, water will find its way to seep through it and will further try to reach the ground floor of the house. This could lead to damp walls and ceiling or water drops forming on the light fixture which can be dangerous. 

Prevents mold: People don’t usually realize how serious the problem can be as only the exteriors are visible to them. The water damages the inside of the walls even more. When a person decides to redo a bathroom, he may need to pull the tiles in order to see the damp and rotten looking plaster. This happens as the water penetrates the top layer of the plaster or brick. By adding a waterproof barrier to these surfaces and the top layer, people can prevent the build-up and condensation which would prevent mold and damp. 

Better Insulation: Getting waterproofing Brisbane done does not only prevent the leaks and damps, but it also ensures great insulation. If external walls are a part of the bathroom walls, it would result in cold walls during winter. Waterproof boarding can help keep the bathroom warm. 

Better options: Building a stud wall with waterproof boards can help a person design bathroom even better. He can use ideas such as wall hung toilet and concealed cistern, wall hung basin, etc. It allows the people to experiment with design or hire a designer to use the space perfectly. 

Better property value: A waterproofed bathroom shows the time and effort that has been put in to get quality living experience. This in turn, becomes really helpful when a person wants to sell his property. The value of the property increases by quite a bit when the bathroom is in great condition. 


To save our home from damp and mold, getting waterproofing done is really important. It is also great because it helps us design the bathroom as per our requirements without having to worry about the leakage problem. Not just while we live there, but it is also beneficial when we decide to sell the house as it would increase the property value due to the great condition of the bathroom. Most importantly, it saves a lot of money as we don’t have to hire mold removal or inspection services due to water leakages and redo the tiles every now and then due to dampness. It is a money saving option with various benefits which should be opted for by all. 

To get bathroom waterproofing Brisbane service, contact Hakuna Matata Tiling(QLD) Pty Ltd. They are the prominent waterproofing service providers in Brisbane. Their professional staff would come to our place to access the condition and give a quote accordingly. Their pricing is affordable and the quality of work provided by them is unmatched. Their services can be booked by giving them a call or through their website. 

They also provide wall and floor tiling, tile removal, caulking and sealing, screeding and grouting Brisbaneservice to their clients. For more information, visit http://www.hakunamatatatiling.com.au. 

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