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Top Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Livermore

No one ever sets out on a lovely evening hoping to get a DUI charge. You probably went partying with friends in Livermore, CA, had too much to drink, and found yourself in that unfortunate situation. However, rules are rules, and when you break them, you pay the price. In this case, that means getting charged for driving under the influence – a crime across all states in America.

Suppose you've been arrested for driving under the influence, your next line of action will be to hire a DUI attorney in Livermore, CA, to represent you during court proceedings. If you can't afford one, you can opt to represent yourself. Nevertheless, most DUI defendants usually hire private lawyers, or the state provides attorneys to represent them.

Have you ever thought of punching “DUI lawyer near me" – a common inquisitorial phrase – into your search engine numerous times to find a suitable attorney for your case? Or are you completely unaware of the next step after getting charged? Kindly read this article to understand why you need representation by a DUI lawyer and how to find a DUI attorney in Livermore, CA.

Is Hiring a DUI Attorney in Livermore Worth It?

You might wonder what the essence of a DUI lawyer is, especially when the charge is pretty straightforward. However, DUI law isn't as simple as you think, as the facts vary according to cases. Therefore, it's almost impossible for a layman with no legal experience or knowledge to navigate the process of defending and mitigating the effects of a DUI charge.

Hiring a DUI attorney is worth every penny spent, especially if you desire a favorable outcome. Any mistake in representation or case presentation on a DUI charge leaves the door open for disaster. Whether you prefer a public defender or a private one, the odds of an amicable outcome are higher than when you represent yourself.

The above is true because there will undoubtedly be difficulties encountered by someone with no legal training whatsoever when accessing the intricacies of a DUI case. 

Thus, we can conclude that it's best to get an expert opinion to guarantee success. However, ensure you do your due diligence before hiring any DUI lawyer in Livermore, CA. 

Private vs. Public: Which Is Better?

Some defendants can't afford lawyer hiring fees; thus, they're provided with public attorneys by the government. These court-appointed attorneys are generally from the Office of Public Defense, and they're not always available. In such a case, the court appoints a "panel attorney" – a private lawyer paid by the court to represent destitute offenders.

Unfortunately, due to their busy schedules, most public attorneys aren't readily available for face-to-face communication with their clients, causing a strain that may affect the outcome of the process. With DUI cases, another issue arises that breeds more disadvantage – the problem of double proceedings.

By double proceedings, I am referring to the two separate proceedings in DUI cases: the criminal court case proceedings and the administrative license-suspension proceedings overseen through the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

A court-appointed attorney has free reign concerning your criminal court proceedings, but the same doesn't apply to the DMV proceedings. On the other hand, a private attorney can handle both cases.


Things to Consider When Hiring a DUI Attorney

It's not hard to find a Livermore DUI attorney, but picking the best one that will help evade prison sentence or heavy fine especially as a repeat offender would be tough. Nevertheless, a few factors will help streamline your search until you narrow the list down to the best lawyer for the job. Below are some things to consider when choosing a DUI lawyer:

  • Specialization

Livermore is home to several criminal lawyers who can comfortably represent you in a DUI case. However, it's always better to seek attorneys who base their practice on DUI criminal defense. That way, you'll be working with an expert who has enough experience and training in the field. 

In most DUI cases, favorable outcomes occur when experienced, DUI-specialized lawyers represent defendants.

  • Experience

Experienced attorneys know their onions and how to play their cards. Thus, it's evident that a defendant represented by such a lawyer will have a higher chance of striking a great deal. Nonetheless, a longer time in practice doesn't necessarily translate to better quality, but it sure does mean a better understanding of DUI trials.

Most DUI cases end with plea bargains – an area where experienced attorneys have the edge over less experienced ones. Experienced lawyers are certainly poised to strike good deals with their knowledge of the plea bargain process. Therefore, prioritize experience when hiring a DUI attorney in Livermore.

  • Location

It's better to hire a DUI attorney in Livermore, CA, than one far away due to the accessibility. A drunk driving attorney in your area will understand your city's peculiar laws and regulations concerning a DUI. They're also likely to be well connected, thus, giving them better opportunities to fight your case. 

  • Price

Getting a DUI charge is bad enough, and going broke over it is even worse. Do well to hire a lawyer whose fees fit into your budget. Avoid overpriced services as there will be other costs that you may not expect along the way. Nevertheless, be wary of quack lawyers who charge low fees and offer poor services. Never compromise quality for the price.

Why You Need a Good DUI Lawyer

Great lawyers are hard to find, but a reasonable DUI attorney in Livermore, CA, will offer you the following services:

  1. Push for plea bargains
  2. Explain the intricacies of DUI Law
  3. Serve as a legal counsel
  4. Fight for a reduced sentence (if the need arises)
  5. Suppress flimsy motions

Final Words

DUI charges are frustrating, and the court proceedings are even more tiresome. You don't have to go through the entire process yourself, especially when you lack the expertise to do so. If you find yourself facing a DUI charge, the best thing to do is hire an experienced drunk driving lawyer or DUI attorney near you for better outcomes. All the best

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