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Top Reasons To Invest In WordPress For Business Success

Nowadays, having a website is considered as a basic necessity for any business to grow. This pandemic era has changed a lot of things and the customers have now shifted to the virtual world from the physical world. And that is the reason why Enterprise Tech Businesses are looking into different options of developing their website. So, here comes WordPress which is currently considered as the superior one in designing and development of the websites so mostly business people prefer to Hire WordPress Developers. In fact, around 40% of the websites developed are on WordPress only.

Also, Enterprise sites are basically the multinational business firms and huge organizations which need to work on similar patterns as their mother company. This means that the website should be able to hold lots of content, number of pages, customized and localized content and many more details and also need to be stable at the same time. Companies hire full time developers in order to fulfill all of these requirements of the website.

It was 2003 when WordPress CMS was born which soon transformed into a very well known blogging software. But between 2017 and 2020, it gained a lot of popularity, and its market share grew exponentially. So, WordPress can be referred to as one of the biggest whales in the oceans of the Internet. And this is the reason that WordPress Development Company is growing in both length, and breadth. Now, let us understand what exactly WordPress is.


WordPress is an open source and free content management system which is actually written in PHP. It is one of the simplest and known ways to develop a website or create a blog. It is a CMS tool which helps to manage the content part of the website without actually getting deeper into the programming.

It is used to create different kinds of websites including E-commerce sites, Resumes, Blogs, Forums, Membership sites, and anything which one can think of. Companies usually hire a dedicated developer to get the work done as per their requirement.


Being the most powerful and in demand Content Management System, it highly contributes to the company’s growth. Below are the major reasons mentioned which defines why the big enterprises should opt for WordPress,

1)It is SEO friendly

If the website or any blog is developed over WordPress, then the keywords and tagging structure is handled in a more structured way in comparison to its competitors. When these web pages are combined with All-In-One or Yoast like SEO plugin then it automatically improvises the search ranking in the browser. And if any site ranks higher in the searching browser, then it is going to reach maximum users which will ultimately help companies to grow.

2)It is Safe and secure

Being on the Internet, safety is the prime concern which everybody is concerned about. There is a team of dedicated experts who keeps on scrutinizing the issues or any kind of malware attacks and keeps the content safe and secure. This team regularly keeps on releasing the security updates and also keeps an eye on all the issues being reported to them.

As it is quite a popular CMS in the market, it is an easy target for bugs and errors. Until the security feature is switched off by the user, it will automatically imply all the security measures to its web pages.

3)It is Low Cost

WordPress is available for free and is an open project which is maintained by a group of developers and volunteers all across the world. The users are free to download, and plugins then copy and modify the content as they will. Also, a free access to a number of themes and plugins enhances the design and performance of the website. Thus, overall, it saves the time and money of the company and contributes to making profit.

4)It is Trustworthy

Usually, one thinks that as WordPress is not owned by any particular entity, then it would not be reliable but the volunteers and the coders who support this CMS platform are quite sophisticated and talented and are also very trustworthy. Also, their work is supported by big known companies. Also, they regularly keep on releasing the updates.

5)It is Scalable

As the big enterprises have huge data which keeps on increasing as the companies grow so scalability is their utmost requirement and WordPress offers quite a suitable environment to host different kinds of and varied size of data. Example- A Blog which is developed on WordPress can handle views of more than 23 billion pages every month. Thus, good scalability helps to cater the extended needs of the company.

6)It is flexible and customizable

The plugins and themes of WordPress enables lots of customization as per the exact requirement of the developers and the users. WordPress offers more than 50,000 plugins and thousands of themes, which offers a good chance to meet the required solution.

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Above we have seen what benefits WordPress offers to their clients, but it will be applicable if WordPress is used in an apt way. Below mentioned is the process on how the WordPress can be used efficiently,

1)Follow only the Best Practices of the WordPress

There are a number of predefined features which are well-tested by the regular user or developers of WordPress. Also, there are many installable packages of code which can be used easily. The best practice of WordPress ensures the performance, easy accessibility, and stability. And if someone works beyond these best practices then it becomes quite vulnerable to the risks of malware attacks and other security issues for both, the owner of the site as well as the user.

2)Engross the community

WordPress is supported by a huge number of developers, coders, experts, beginners and many more users. And the success of the projects based on WordPress depends upon the involvement of the seniors and experienced people as they give valuable suggestions. The WordPress developers can easily submit their queries, review it and then take the decision accordingly. The users even suggest which plugins should be used matching to the respective requirement, even the demonstration is given if needed. This ensures that the developer is moving in the correct direction.

Regularly attending the WordCamp also enlightens the thought process of developers and users. The WordCamp refers to the camp being organized all across the world where WordPress developers and users gather together to share, learn, and debate and as a whole contribute to the WordPress community.

3)Easily Integrates with other plugins

When the plugins are integrated then possibilities increase multiple times and also it matches the requirement of the user. Some of the examples of fruitful integration are integrating SEO plugin with SEO app and services, Integration of Form building plugins with marketing automation apps. These integrations between plugins makes the work always better.


Above we have seen how WordPress adds value to the Enterprises Projects. As of today’s date, WordPress is an open-source and a must-have technology for any of the companies. But the users have to be in sync with the ecosystem of WordPress and that ultimately contributes to a successful project. This will ultimately help in increasing the bottom line of the business.

I am a professional and well expertise online/ digital marketer. I write blogs to spread information on different topics and many more and I am founder of http://alltimespost.com feel free to share your views and thoughts on my blog.
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