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Top Reasons to Take a CPC Course

Driver CPC training came about in 2014 when it was introduced as part of every bus and lorry driver’s training schedule. This means that aspiring bus and lorry drivers should start looking into how they can take the CPC course. Taking the course not only ensures that you are legally compliant, but it also makes one more employable, enlarges your safety parameters, and enhances your knowledge.

While the course is required to take a period of 35 hours and must be completed every 5 years, the 35 hours can be split into 1 day sessions lasting 7 hours each. The following are reasons why you should consider taking this course:

Presently, many recruitment agencies allow candidates to upload their resumes. So, it is advisable to register on these recruitment agencies websites. Although the jobs may be replicated, your efforts will certainly not be wasted. In fact, companies provide recruitment services via third-party organisations. Therefore, you may be given a priority if the hiring company already has your details in their database. Additionally, some agencies incorporate modern tools that assist them in screening potential candidates.

1. Makes You a More Secure Driver

While many drivers fret over why they should get this certification, the reality is that the program has been designed to make you a better and safer driver. It helps in lowering the number of driver-related accidents that have become common in the UK.

2. Environmentally Profitable

Studies have proven that getting a CPC license can help drivers better utilize their fuel reserves. Total fuel use in the country can be reduced by as much as 9.5% when the drivers are provided with the best affirmation and training. Given that this goes a long way towards reducing the nation’s carbon impression and discharges, it clearly shows just how much impact this training can have on a nation.

3. Enhances Your Employment Chances

One of the reasons why many drivers delay taking the course is due to the 35 hours CPC training cost. But as much as you may feel that you don’t have the money required to pay for the course at the moment, it never hurts to make some inquiries.

Remember that any driver looking for work in the transport and haulage industries, i.e., driving a lorry, coach, or bus, will need to receive this training. As such, if your career is in the transport sector, why not invest in yourself by getting this training, and making yourself more employable.

4. Economically Proficient

Apart from being good for the environment, the training is also beneficial to the drivers and their employers. The good news is that courses can be delivered on site or at our numerous training centres throughout the UK meaning that you don’t have to worry about traveling too far or missing out due to distance.

For a business, you have to note that when drivers learn how to control their vehicles, they end up using less fuel. This means that the business gets to save more money.


The above are just some of the top reasons why you should consider taking this training. In the long run, the certification is beneficial to both the employee, the company, and the ecosystem.

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