Top Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a Need of All Businesses


Internet or online marketing uses virtual and interactive spaces for selling and promoting goods and services. Over the years, it has evolved to include many prudent digital marketing methodologies that can be integrated to provide substantial benefits to a business. The new forms of information and communication technology now play a vital role in the marketing mix's different elements, including product, price, place, and promotion. The digital landscape is also an essential interface of communication between the customers and businesses, and digital marketing techniques make good use of this fact.

As of now, more than 7.7 billion people across the globe are using the internet actively. Therefore, digital marketing may have the most extensive reach amongst all marketing channels and modes. Cost-effective digital marketing measures are essential for all businesses to reach both local and global audience base. Below are some significant reasons to support this argument.

Digital Marketing Integrates Social Media

More and more people across the world are having an even greater number of social media accounts. For instance, in the year 2014, an average internet user had three social media accounts. The same figure for the year 2019 was seven, and for the year 2020 is 82.  Soon there will be 4 billion social media accounts in the world, and these all are accessible through digital marketing.

Therefore, it can be said that more and more people are active on social media and many different networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Businesses are fully aware of the increasing importance and popularity of online social platforms. The number of business pages on these networking websites, including Facebook and Twitter, is increasing as well. Facebook Ads and other advertising and marketing platforms, and digital marketing services in India have been immensely successful. Contrary to what many may think, Facebook and other social media and networking websites are as popular in the older groups as in the younger generation and population.


In the context here, customers are using social media to get in touch with businesses, talk about the products and services they consume, and even purchase products. Social media is only a component and arm of digital marketing that may rank amongst the newest, but its importance and value are only increasing by the day. The popularity of social media ensures that all kinds of businesses can obtain good returns through even minor efforts. The new and cost-effective social media marketing measures help businesses enhance their reputation, sell their offerings, get feedback to improve their products, and/or generate a loyal customer base.

Digital Marketing Is An Equal Opportunity Provider

Before the advent and spread of the internet and the absence of digital marketing methods, small businesses could never hope to achieve the immense following and have the expansive market reach that they have now. The traditional and monopolistic markets belonged to the biggest brands, and consumers did not see many innovations. However, digital marketing has leveled the playing field to a great extent. 

Digital marketing methodologies, including search engine optimization, cost nothing. Others, including search engine marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing, paid searches, and social media marketing, may cost them. But these costs are quite nominal and far less compared to what is spent when marketing on traditional channels, including television, radio, and print media (including magazines and newspapers). Measures including Google AdWords and Facebook Ads cost marginally while providing small businesses with an instant reach to billions of customers within the region or across the borders. These next-generation digital platforms also have the right analytics tools that help small businesses revise their online marketing campaigns, find out consumer preferences, and reach them with the most appropriate content and offerings.

Digital Marketing Provides For Hyper-Personalization 

"Customer is the king" of the modern markets, and a professional digital marketing agency in Delhi fully understands the fact. Globalization has exposed businesses to stiffer competition, and hence personalizing their offerings is quite essential to please the customers. Digital marketing methods, including emails, messages on social media, push notifications on websites, and apps, and others, are a great and affordable way to deliver personalized messages and promote and sell products and services that the customers are looking for specifically. Automation, segmentation, and targeting provide greater convenience to marketers, and the latest software is a reliable tool for marketing. 

Exceptional Return On Investments

Digital marketing methodologies offer exceptional return on investment in that they cost quite less, but the returns they provide over some time are immense and quite substantial. For instance, a simple digital marketing method like email marketing provides $ 38 in return for every $ 1 spent on marketing through emails. Some companies with more expertise in it (around 20% of all) find it to be $ 70 to every $ 1 spent. Organic SEO and content marketing can generate leads at no cost. With smartphones getting ubiquitous, content creates three times more leads compared to the traditional marketing methods while costing half of it. 

Digital marketing has proved to be a boon for small businesses because of its immense and comprehensive benefits, including cost-effectiveness and wide/global reach. It is in line with the latest trends. It supports a competitive and fair market where every business gets an excellent opportunity to thrive and be successful while empowering its customers.