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Top SEO Issues That Cause Search Rankings & Traffic to Drop

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to know the causes of the drop in traffic and rankings. There are many SEO issues due to which the website’s search rankings and traffic drop. Ranging from off-site SEO to technical on-site errors, the server is unable to handle the bandwidth, change in Google algorithm, and the links which used to bring more traffic don't bring the same range of traffic anymore.

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In this column, let’s understand the top SEO issues that usually cause the search rankings and traffic to drop in any website.

·         On-site Issues

It is important to update the site. Checking the competitor analysis will give clear details on what is needed to keep the site up to date. If the site stays stagnant then there will be no growth and it is impossible to get the benefits. Taking relevant action will lead to real competitive benefits. Following simple strategies like blogging, links, and any other online promotional activities one can reap better benefits, and with the competitor analysis, one can get clear insights on how well the competitors are performing to reach the top rankings.

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·         Lost links

It is very crucial to understand that the link profile is a key aspect of the site’s SEO. It takes a lot of effort and time to build quality-driven links, once a large number of backlinks are managed, well-monitoring the link profile should be done too. If the lost links are from trustworthy sources then identifying the reasons for the removed links would be helpful. If they are broken then fixing them would be better. Many website owners usually remove the links while updating their site then contacting them would be good for restoring the links. If removing the links were intended then building the new links will be more fruitful. Also read> phone number lookup.

·         Mediocre User Experience

For better site traffic and rankings having a better user experience is the key. If your site is ranking high in the search results but it has a mediocre user experience then both the traffic will be affected a lot and rankings will suffer too. The SEO is based on the metrics that include time spent on the page in the website, bounce rate, number of visitors, click-through rate, and many more. The overall user experience that the web page creates is what matters the most.

·         Site Optimization

By providing the relevant metadata, the content for it should be engaging, so that the visitors could land on the website. There should not be any fake details, it will lead to more bounce rate. The better the content structure the better will be the traffic. By creating a content structure that makes the users easy to understand and extract the information will make the visitors pay attention to the site too. Writing the text into paragraphs and denoting the main ideas in the subheadings will ensure to engage more visitors. It is highly recommended to avoid irritating pop-up ads, designs, colours, fonts. The user will feel annoyed due to these, minimize the number of unwanted windows with a simple design.

·         Update in the Google Algorithm

If the site’s rankings are suddenly dropping and the traffic is less than usual then it is a serious issue. Do some research and through the SEO news sites, once after getting all the inputs, apply it to your own site. It is very important to identify all the things that are changed in the algorithm and the ways the site might violate the Google updated guidelines. Being organic by focusing on building the brand, product, services, community, technical, and other issues in the site will prevent it from being a hit with an update in the Google algorithm.

·         Page Loading Speed

The traffic and rankings get highly affected by the speed page loads. The website user experience completely depends on the page loading speed. If the pages take a longer time to load then undoubtedly there will be higher bounce rates and also there are chances that few visitors might not visit the website ever. Many visitors don’t find interest in the content if the loading is slow. Using tools that show the page speed would be a better way to get details.

·         Navigation

The website’s internal navigation will give the visitors where they can find the details they are looking for. It is better to have a simple, narrow, and flat structure. It should be made easy for the visitor to navigate internally because if they have to click many times to get what they are looking for they will leave the site instantly this results in less traffic and a drop in rankings too.  The search engines usually stop checking for the content that is deeply present on the website. Thus this results in lowering the rankings and will also get very little traffic to the important areas.

By adopting few strategies like simple navigation, internal linking, improves the retention rates and also boosts the ranking metrics. These are a key part of good search optimization also helpful in client retention too. Using the rich keyword internal links will allow search engines to instantly determine about the site and whether the content is significant to the search queries.

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