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Top Spread Butters Which Are Both Healthy And Delicious

Do you remember the time when school lunch was all about peanut spread butters bread? Like seriously, lunchtime was the most awaited one. However, gone are the days when peanut butter was the only option available. At present, almost all grocery stores have numerous nut butter options available. But with so many kinds of butter available, selecting one can be a bit daunting. This is because each of them has its own benefits, and it’s yummy too.

When it comes to discussing which nut butter is the best one, the research is still going on. So without any further ado, let us get started with all the different types of nut butters available. Below are them.

Types of Nut Spread Butters Available

  • Almond Butter: Almost every individual out there has almond butter stored in their homes. Almond butter is considered to be really high in terms of fats. In addition to this, it is also high when it comes to nutrients like vitamin E. You can spread some almond butter on apple slices. Also, adding some oats can also work. However, almond butter is a bit expensive as compared to other butters, you can see which one suits you according to your requirements.
  • Peanut Butter: Not only pistachio butter but even peanut butter stands strong in the game. Not very high in terms of vitamin E and fats, peanut butter is higher in protein according to the experts. It consists of sufficient folate and iron. Both of them help in avoiding issues like anemia. In addition to this, peanut butter also improves your sleeping cycle. So if you are planning to buy pistachio butter, consider getting your hands on peanut butter too. You can enjoy both of them according to your requirements.
  • Pistachio Butter: The best pistachio butter is not new to many. According to the experts, pistachio butter is worth purchasing especially if you want to increase your protein intake. There is no denying the fact that protein is mandatory if you want to repair the muscles, and build them strong. Hence, some pistachio butter never goes wrong here. In addition to this, pistachio butter is also loaded with vitamin B. Plus it is very very tasty. You would not want to take a pass.
  • Walnut Butter: Walnut butter is suitable for people who want to reduce the risk of heart diseases. In addition to this, it also works like magic for people suffering from blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Walk to the store and get one for yourself today.

We hope this piece of information has helped you find out about different types of nut spreads. Now that you know about the different types of bread spreads available, walk to the store and get your favorite one. We are sure that most of them will be going for pistachio nut butter, consider other options too. The benefits you will be getting are numerous. Plus, they taste absolutely delicious.

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