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Top Ten Fixes For Vibration Failure In Samsung Galaxy Phones

Even if you keep the ringer volume at a high level, you may miss a call in a noisy environment. However, if the vibration is enabled, the probability of missing a call is very low due to the vibration of the mobile phone. In other words, many Samsung Galaxy mobile phone users sometimes seem unable to use the vibration function. This article will explain fixes for vibration failure in Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Vibration is not limited to calls. Your phone vibrates due to notifications, touch interaction, etc. Samsung smartphone users face problems related to all these problems. The fix mentioned here should solve this problem.

1. Restart Phone.

Like all troubleshooting procedures, restart the Samsung Galaxy smartphone first. This will fix any temporary faults that cause vibration problems.

2. Enable Vibration

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You must ensure that vibrate when the ringing setting is enabled, If your phone does not vibrate when receiving a call, you may have mistakenly disabled vibration and forgot to enable it. To do this, go to Settings, select sound and vibration. Enable vibration mode when ringing. If it is already on vibration mode disable it and enable it again.

Android allows you to disable or enable vibration of various functions, such as touch interaction, keyboard, keyboard, etc. So you better manually check whether the vibration setting of the required function is enabled. To do this, go to Settings, then select sound and Vibration, then go to system sound and vibration control. Enable the desired switch.

3. Change vibration mode and intensity.

The next thing you can do is change the vibration intensity and mode to solve the problem. To do this, go to Settings, then select sound and vibration. Click on vibration intensity and increase it to the maximum level. Similarly, click to call vibration mode and notify vibration mode. Use different modes.

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4. Check Individual Application Settings.

If vibration feedback is not applicable to a specific application, such as a messaging application, check the application's settings. Android phones allow you to customize notification settings for each app. The application must unexpectedly disable vibration.

There are two methods to check it. In the first method, you can open application settings directly from the application and then enable vibration under notification settings. Alternatively, go to phone settings, then go to applications. Click on the problematic application. Then click notifications.

image003 d8241289

You will find various notification categories. Click the appropriate one. For the messaging application, click incoming message. Make sure you click on the text instead of switching. Turn on the toggle next to the vibration. If it is already enabled you need to disable it and enable it again.

image004 e7270c0d

Professional tip: few users suggest completely disabling the vibration of SMS applications, which can repair the vibration of other applications.

5. Uninstall the theme on your device.

Have you recently installed a new theme on your Samsung phone? Some Samsung users said that themes were responsible for disabling vibration without their knowledge. So you should check and uninstall any recently installed themes to fix vibration problems. After uninstalling the theme, restart the phone.

Tip: another strange repair suggested by users is to turn off Google assistant and restart the phone.

6. Update your device

Sometimes, even software updates may cause vibration to fail to work. To fix this problem, you need to update your phone to the latest software. To do this, go to Settings, then go to software updates, then download and install. If an update is available, install it.

7. Check your device in safe mode

Most of the time third-party applications can also cause vibration problems. One way to check this issue is to put the phone in safe mode because third-party applications cannot work in safe mode, so if third-party applications show rogue behavior, you can uninstall them one by one to solve the problem.

Note: Enabling the phone in safe mode will not delete your data.

To enable safe mode, you need to turn off the phone. When fully turned off, press and hold the power and volume down buttons to turn on the device. When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release the power button, press and hold the volume down button until you see the home screen. The safe mode text appears at the bottom of the screen to indicate that safe mode is enabled.

Now test the vibration. Restart the phone to leave safe mode.

8. Reset all settings in your device

The last software-related fix is to reset the application preferences on the phone. This resets all settings on the phone to their default values. Before continuing, please find out what happened by resetting the settings.

To reset the settings, go to Settings, then select General Administration, then click on Reset, then select and click the option to reset all settings.

9. Check Vibration Motor in your device

If the above solution is not fixing the issue, you need to test whether the vibration motor on the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is faulty. You can use the hardware test function to test without opening the phone body. Here are the steps to check vibration motor:

Step 1: Open the dialer or keypad. Dial * #7353 or * #0 * #. There is no need to press the call button. This code will be activated automatically.

Step 2: a white screen with various options will open. Click on the vibration option.

image005 7492b478

If the phone vibrates, it's a software problem. But if the phone doesn't vibrate, it's time to go to the service center to fix the problem.

10. Carry out interactive checks

Another way to check whether hardware problems cause vibration problems is to use the interactive check function in the Samsung member’s application.

Step 1: Open the Samsung member application on the mobile phone. If not, please install from the link - Samsung Members App.

Step 2: Click "get help" and then perform an interactive check.

Step 3: Touch the vibration and follow the instructions on the screen.

image006 cde28d05

Vibration inspection

We hope that the above repair can solve the vibration failure problem on Samsung Galaxy phones. When the above solutions are not applicable to you, it is the last choice to check the vibration motor of the mobile phone in the Samsung authorized service center.


We would like to hear about your problems, questions, and suggestions regarding fixes for Vibration Failure in Samsung Galaxy Phones. So feel free to contact us.

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