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Top Things That Can Damage Your Solar Panels


When you decide to install commercial solar in Los Angeles, you must understand the things that can damage your solar panels. Commercial solar panels are typically durable and they can function up to 40 years. However, their life can be cut short by physical damage. Here are some of the top causes of solar panel damage.


There is a protective cover on solar cells. This protective cover can be damaged by hail storms. Areas that are prone to hail storms need solar panels that are specifically designed to resist hail. Smaller solar cells are expensive but they are the best to install in areas that are prone to hail storms. The benefit of installing solar panels with smaller cells in such areas is that the cells are cheaper to replace and they lose less energy due to damage. During commercial solar installation, your solar panel installer should know the kind of environment you live in before choosing suitable solar panels for you.


Water can also damage your solar panel. The seals and connections around the solar panels deteriorate over time and this allows water to enter into the connections and the cells. You should reseal the connections periodically and adding a protective glass will make sure that water doesn’t penetrate into the solar panel causing the modules to fail and reduce their energy output. When water enters your solar panel, it short-circuits the connections and limits the cells from producing energy efficiently.

Foreign materials and rocks

Damaged or broken commercial solar Los Angeles can be as a result of rocks thrown at the panels or foreign material falling on solar panels from trees. The damage can break the protective glass on the solar panel. The best way to repair the damage is to replace the entire protective cover of the solar panel.

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