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Top Tier Marketers and Their Target Audience in 2019

If you are unfamiliar with the top marketers in 2019 and who they're marketing to then worry not, as the marketing industry is so dynamic and fast moving that it is nearly impossible to stay current with it. If you are a marketer yourself, even on a low level, then you should familiarize yourself with the who's who of the industry, current marketing trends, and all of the most lucrative demographic markets currently being tapped into. Getting a handle on this information could help you to improve your own marketing skills and strategies moving forward, ultimately increasing your business' bottom line.

In the article below we'll walk you through a list of the 6 most high profile marketers in 2019 and break down who they are marketing to. Please continue reading the article below for our complete rundown.

The Top 6 Marketers in 2019 and Their Target Audiences

Larry Kim 

Known for being an expert marketer in the internet consulting niche, Larry Kim and his team of engineers sell software used for search engine marketing (SEM) automation. So, rather than market to traditional end users across the internet, Kim markets to marketers and he is absolutely a leader in his field. In 2008 he was known to secure a million dollar investment that he used to further grow his business.

His target market for 2019 is anyone considering automating their online marketing campaigns. If you fall into that category then chances are you might consider using one of his software programs.

Gary Vaynerchuk

This marketing expert is not only an online advertising wizard, but he's also great at building large and highly successful brick and mortar businesses. Gary got his start in the business world when he took over his father's wine business, growing it from a $3 million dollar enterprise into a company worth over $60 million dollars. His main company today in 2019 is known as VaynerMedia, one of the internet's leading digital agencies. Where Gary Vaynerchuk seems to shine the brightest is in the realm of social media startups, having ushered several prominent influencer marketers to extraordinary heights. Gary even hosts two online shows, one called AskGaryVee and the other one called DailyVee. While hosting these shows he shares marketing tips as well as his personal thoughts on general marketing and business subjects.

Gary's target market in 2019 will likely be broad-ranged, from business startups seeking his expertise to social media users that follow any numbers of his successful businesses and endeavors. If you want to learn how to be a more effective marketer then be sure to tune in to one of Gary's two shows.

Brian Dean

Known as one of the world's leading search engine optimization experts, Brian Dean has slowly worked his way into a position of being internationally renowned. Aside from being an SEO expert, he is also an extremely successful entrepreneur, leading his ventures to huge success on the back of finely tuned search engine marketing skill sets. Time and time again his strategies are able to garner shockingly large amounts of search engine traffic and leads, all of which he converts with expert traffic monetization strategies.

Brian's core 2019 market is search engine users across platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duckduckgo. For example, if you search online for the cost of a pool, then chances are Brian has a landing page waiting to convert your traffic into ad dollars for his company or clients.

Seth Godin

Highly regarded as one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in history, Seth Godin has truly mastered most facets of the information age. His most masterful skill set is by far his ability to market ideas in the most cutting edge ways. Many of his online marketing strategies have not only been extremely successful, but they have also become trend-setting marketing techniques used by online marketers around the world. Seth is a household name amongst anyone in the online marketing world. He has authored several books about his marketing experiences which have gone on to become best sellers.

Seth Godin will be marketing to millions of his followers in 2019. His blog is one of the most viewed on the internet and his traffic continues to grow by huge margins every quarter. If you work in the digital marketing industry and do not follow Seth's blog then you are missing on out the most cutting edge online marketing tips and strategies being published today. Seth can also be followed on any number of his social media accounts.

Neil Patel

Considered to be a true renaissance man by many, Neil Patel is a successful marketer, entrepreneur, author, and motivator. Starting his company at just 16 years of age, Mr. Patel specializes in helping companies like NBC, Amazon, Viacom, and others increase their ad conversion rates and strengthen their overall marketing campaigns and strategies. Time and time again Neil has ushered in record profits with his personally guided marketing endeavors.

Neil's primary target market for 2019 is large fortune 500 companies looking to increase their bottom line through expertly managed ad campaigns. If you are an employee within one of these behemoth companies then there is a high chance that you have heard Neil Patel's name mentioned by marketing executives

Jon Loomer

Renowned for starting the highly successful marketing company known as Jon Loomer Digital, this marketing guru is one of the world's leading social media marketers. Social media is not as easy to market to unless you have an expert understanding of social media trends combined with vast amounts of experience in digital advertising. Just to highlight how successful Jon is with social media marketing, his self-branded business is famous for being able to generate over 4 million page views in just over one year of social media advertising.

Mr. Loomer's target market for 2019 is obviously all social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His profile continues to rise as does the success rate of his expert-driven social media marketing campaigns.

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